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    Rancourt Suede Clymer

    Pleasantly surprised by Rancourt's new Suede Clymer. Thought some here might be interested. The lack of suede in their lineup has been a shortcoming for some time. I suppose you could get it with the sole of you choice...
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    PSA:Brooks Preferred Customer Event

    As most of you know, 25% when you use your brooks card, and free shipping. Thru April 1.
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    Who makes this tie?

    Saw this on tumblr and it caught my eye. I like the combination of brown and blue. Can anyone identify the maker?
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    Filson at Brooks Bros

    I am guessing most members got the same Rugged Americana email from Brooks Bros as I did. A welcome addition from my perspective. It will be interesting to see how BB frames their bevy of fall sales as it concerns Filson products. I might actually invest in some of their luggage if they don't...
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    Possible Penny Loafer

    Came across a new brand, Five Mile, which look interesting. If anyone has a gander be sure to pass on your thoughts. $130 a pair. https://www.fivemile.com/essentials/five-mile/fivemile-footwear/marco
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    Um...Short Sleeve Dress Shirts?

    By my count, BB currently has 34 different no-iron short sleeved dress shirts available in various patterns. That's just in slim fit. What gives? Are that many people really wearing ties with short sleeved shirts? Wouldn't alpha sizing be sufficient. Imagine if they had anything approaching...
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    LHS at J. Crew

    Received a catalog showing a number of "limited edition" Aldens made esp. for J. Crew, among them was an attractive calf LHS in tobacco. It was suggested that only fifty-five were made. It is stated to have an "oiled leather sole." Is that a reference to the elusive flex-welt? Handsome...
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    PSA Walkover shoes at Gilt today.

    Sale starts in a few minutes. Could be interesting.
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    Heavy Tweed Jacket is up and running.

    I was pleased to see this noted on Aldrich's blog. Hopefully we will see a good holiday run.
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    PSA: M2 Bullard Field Pants at STP (Distressed)

    and some other Bill's.
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    PSA: 20% off at Nowelll's

    Nowell's is in Raleigh and they sell Barbour, Gitman, Bill's, Millar, F.A. MacCluer, among other brands. It seems many of these brands rarely go on sale, (I used to swear that Barbour did not allow resellers to mark down), so I thought this sale might be of interest. Use coupon code "Holly."...
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    PSA: Striped Ties at Guilt

    They are made by an outfit going by Original Penguin, priced at $25. I ordered two, we'll see. They are all 3" which may suit you or not. I thought they looked nice. Plaid and striped.
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    PSA: LE Madras/Clearance + 25% off

    https://www.landsend.com/pp/ShortSleeveMadrasShirt~228995_59.html?bcc=y&action=order_more&sku_0=::KK7&CM_MERCH=IDX_Overstocks-_-CLEARANCESaveupto70&origin=index Something around $11 dollars a piece. Limited sizes. * Take an extra 25% off sale and clearance Available on select already...
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    PSA: Paraboot Boat Shoes on Sale.

    I always thought these looked like nice well made shoes, but they have been more than I really wanted to spend, but these folks have them on sale. Some blue leather numbers with white soles as well. Made in Spain, mainly in the plain. https://chcmshop.com/item-detail/?group=shoes&id=20
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    O'Connell's Oyster Poplin Suit?

    I am curious whether anyone has one. I am on the fence between the oyster and the tan and leaning towards the oyster. Not sure how much help anyone can give me, but I figured it worth a shot. Thanks.
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    PSA: Beretta Sport Shirts $20 at Bahle's

    I ordered a few these, good deal for the money. Not for the wide of chest though, their sizing is firmly in the slim/tailored fit camp. The colors are very muted, with an off white background. I think the plaid was was my favorite. Also it is a pleasure dealing with Bahle's. If it doesn't...
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    PSA: Stylish luggage on Gilt

    Always a popular item around here, of course unless you are dead inside. I suspect a few value propositions, but would be surprised to see anything for what might be considered cheap. FYI, the good stuff usually goes quickly. As always, sale starts at noon eastern...
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    PSA: Tucker Blair on Gilt 6/28/11

    Starts at 11:00 est. Their needlepoint belts are quite pricey, so I might just get involved as I don't ever see myself dropping that kind of money on one. Maybe not, from what I hear they are addictive.
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    PSA: Hickey Freeman on Gilt

    Sale starts at noon eastern. Although darted and two button, Hickey Freeman's suits are quite nice. Usually about $600 a pop. Seems to come up on gilt every three or four months, and is quite popular. I believe Gilt now allows returns for cash...
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    PSA: Pantherella Socks at Gilt