1. cosmotoast

    Burgundy vs black shoes with a navy pinstripe suit?

    Absolutely wear black due to the occasion. Otherwise I love the look of dark burgundy or ox blood with navy.
  2. cosmotoast

    Vomit on suit

    That happened to me once after eating sushi at an upscale Japanese restaurant. The stain never came out of my tweed jacket
  3. cosmotoast

    Starting a new wardrobe. Looking for recommendations.

    It's also helpful to know where this wardrobe shall be worn. The office? Church, gathering or dating?
  4. cosmotoast

    Authentic Burberry?

    Looks authentic. My brother has a Burberry garment with that exact label and was purchased from Saks fifth Avenue
  5. cosmotoast


    Have you tried Google searching "Harris Tweed by the yard"
  6. cosmotoast

    Sport coat fit

    I think it looks great!
  7. cosmotoast

    Sports coat or orphan?

    I say look at the buttons. Looks like a sport coat to me.
  8. cosmotoast

    Safari Suit....in flannel!

    I think that's the most hideous looking ensemble I've ever seen. I guess I'm just too old fashioned.
  9. cosmotoast

    Thoughts on my new Black Lapel MTM?

    I'm old fashioned, I like the pants without the taper.
  10. cosmotoast

    Buttoning top button on dress shirts

    I haven't seen much of that. All I see is people wear dress shirts with the top two or even three buttons undone with a sport coat over it.
  11. cosmotoast

    Boy do I need advice on slacks...

    I can tell by your shape a good fit would be go try some slacks made by Joseph Aboud if they still offer the relaxed fit. You'll like them.
  12. cosmotoast

    Cheap Ties:

    I bought ties here and there for years and wound up with 22 ties. A local psychiatrist passed away and they held an estate sale. I bought a box of 40 some odd ties. One month later, a recently passed away ER surgeon had his entire house and belongings in an estate sale. First day, full price...
  13. cosmotoast

    Donegal with tattersall shirt, solid square, and patterned tie - too much?

    I agree with what Peak and Pine stated. Pay less attention to minute colors specks or confetti in a jacket up close. Put everything on a hanger and stand 6 to 8 feet away and see if the color combos match
  14. cosmotoast

    Your most prized possessions?

    I would say my Burberry tie and Harris tweed sport coat both made in England and my Ox blood Trickers made in Italy. All three are vintage.
  15. cosmotoast

    Forest Green Seersucker

    I love that!
  16. cosmotoast

    Trouser vs shorts sizing

    I'll Internet order trousers but no way would I shorts. The variations differ too greatly between brands. I have to try them on in person.
  17. cosmotoast

    When a good suit goes bad (or: Jeff, get it together!)

    I personally like kilts and have always been fascinated with specific tartan patterns for each family heritage but, what he's wearing with sandals and a tie dress shirt combo has me scratching my head.
  18. cosmotoast

    Which tie with this shirt/jacket?

    I love the first option. It compliments that jacket perfectly.
  19. cosmotoast

    Do you wear the clothes or do the clothes wear you?

    Men notice the clothing, women notice the clothing and the man because most men nowadays don't care about their appearance.
  20. cosmotoast

    When a good suit goes bad (or: Jeff, get it together!)

    I'm often amazed at how well dressed dignitaries, diplomats and the wealthy are.