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    Summer shirts under winter sweaters

    Before this summer heat, I really wanted to wear a sweater. But I was concerned about overheating as it was still 50-60 degrees (F). So I put on a cotton/linen blend OCBD under my sweater (it was a merino for the record). I thought about what I was doing and decided that I doubt anyone was...
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    Help Me Pick Cord Color

    I admit, after being stuck at home for 5 months and not dressing up for the office, I am getting clothes shopping fever. I can't wait for the weather to cool. After the feedback from my other cords thread, and looking around, I'm just going to stick with our friends at O'Connell's. I've also...
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    Opinions on Ben Silver

    So far in my sartorial journey, I’ve sourced jackets and trousers from O’Connell’s, J Press and Dapper Classics mainly. One shop that I’ve also seen is Ben Silver. I did some searching and the old threads were basically “nice but too expensive.” Looking at their flannels, moleskins and cords...
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    Corduroy - what and where to buy

    Summer is shot - I haven’t been to the office in 15 weeks and it may be September before I go back. Not that I mind, I am not a fan of summer dress - I miss my flannels and Shetlands. I’d like to buy some corduroys. I’ve never owned any. Most likely I’d wear these to the office or just out and...
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    Camp Mocs - 1st Time Buyer Help

    I got an email today from Rancourt about a crowdfunding project for 40% off some of their shoe styles. I’m always looking for new shoe styles, especially on the casual style. I have some boat shoes that I enjoy in the summer. I know little about camp mocs, but The little research I’ve read...
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    Shetland Sweater Fit

    Gents, I made the plunge into O’Connell’s Shetlands. Since I wasn’t sure which size would be optimal, I ordered two. I’d like some input on best fit. These are the first sweaters I’ve ordered in sizes vs S/M/L, so I actually have to make a decision! Size 42 Size 44
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    O’Connell’s Winter Sale

    O’Connell’s is having their winter sale now. I was hoping their Shetlands would be on sale. Can anyone tell me if those ever go on sale? I just started my sweater collection late spring last year, so missed their 2019 winter sale.
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    Dress Trouser Length - too short?

    Between dry cleaners and tailors this month, no wonder my newly sprung beard is more grey than I remember. I got a pair of new trousers back from the tailor and they are hemmed shorter than the measurement I asked for. I am going for a slight break and these are more no-break. I know this topic...
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    Help me pick a new sweater color

    Thanks to you all I've become obsessed with sweaters, and the snow falling outside my windows makes me glad I'm wearing a cozy shetland today. So I am looking at buying a new one and can't figure out which one to buy (can't buy all 3 right now :(). My winter trousers are various shades of grey...
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    Moleskin Nap Fix

    I recently bought a pair of moleskin trousers from O’Connell’s, and just got them back from the tailor. Then I notice the spot. Upon further inspection the nap appears roughed up around the spot. These are labeled “dry clean only” so I haven’t attempted anything. Assuming the spot can come...
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    What happened to my trouser’s waistband?

    I had spilled some butter or some such on a pair of hopsack trousers this summer. I was able to get the (visible) spot out with some talcum powder and brushing. But before I stored them for the winter, I took them to get dry cleaned. When I got them back, the waistband was all crinkled. The...
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    My Barbour Jacket Is A Lint Magnet

    Ever since I got my Bedale back earlier in the year, it stays covered with lint. I’ve tried wiping it with a damp cloth and using sticky rollers to clean it. But after 1-2 wears it is covered. I just got the coat out of it’s summer garment bag, wore it a couple of times and you can see how it...
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    Help with how Trouser Seat Should Fit

    I struggle some with OTR trousers and seat fit. What behind I have sticks straight out, so I end up with “excess” fabric at the bottom of my seat. Usually if I find trousers that are snug enough back there, I can’t sit down comfortably. So here is a pair of O’Connell’s trousers (apologies...
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    O’Connell’s PSA

    I got an email today that their Hertling trousers are 15% off. I know they were running a suit and sport coat sale this week. Not sure if trouser sale ends tomorrow or not. I’ve done the damage already to the wallet
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    Pocket Square Material

    I am looking at buying this pocket square, but it comes in a couple of fabric options. You can get 100% silk or 70% wool/30% silk. My current squares are either 100% silk or linen, so I have no experience with wool. Over the past year I’ve added several different jackets in various new (to me)...
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    Waistcoat - Free

    I have an old waistcoat from a long gone suit. I’ve only worn it a couple times. It is a gray/green with a light blue check. The back is tan. I’ve attached pictures with measurements. If you want more, please let me know. It’s free - I just ask you pay shipping. If you want it, PM me and...
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    Spot on shoes - what to do next

    At a recent conference a piece of butter (I think) landed on my shoe. I’m not sure how long it was there before I noticed. I tried to blot the spot as best I could and it was 24 hours before I was able to apply some cornstarch. After a couple of rounds I tried some talcum powder - due to a...
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    Help! My Company Changed its Dress Code

    My firm just announced a change to its dress code, allowing "upscale casual" as they've deemed it. While I'll keep wearing my wool trousers and sport coats regularly, I'd like to ask for some advice on how to dress sharply in a slightly more casual way. While jeans are allowed, I don't want to...
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    Trouser vs shorts sizing

    I don’t wear shorts much but I’ve had a couple of occasions where a nice pair would have been useful. So I decided to buy a pair of nice poplin shorts for summer. I ordered a pair from J Press during their current sale. The things were gigantic. My trousers normally have a half measure of...
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    OCBD’s Place in a Summer Wardrobe

    As I expand my wardrobe into seasonal clothing, I have been buying OCBDs to wear with flannels and sweaters. I saw a rec’d for Ratio Clothing’s summer OCBDs and ordered one. Then I realized I wasn’t sure what to pair it with for work. I know chinos and blue jeans work for casual Friday’s...