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    J. Fold wallets

    https://www.walletnation.com/j-fold-supersonic-punch-purple-bifold-sports-wallet I thinking about buy this model and I'm wondering if they are worth it? Has anyone bought their leather goods? Thank you.
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    grooming 1902 Berdoues series of colognes

    Does anyone use any of them? I'm thinking about ordering cardamom. Thanks
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    Coat help

    I'm 46 and finally thinking about getting a coat again. I think the last time I had one was when I was about 10 and living in San Francisco. Mom was pretty adamant about having a long coat and a a car coat. I tired of my technical jackets and soft shells and I'm ready for a change. I like pea...
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    Smith Optics Customer Service

    I recently sent a pair of 4 year old Smith Chamber model sunglasses back to them because the nose pieces had started to loosen. I received a brand new set in the mail yesterday. Lifetime warranty really means LIFETIME WARRANTY to them.
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    Tips for preventing pilling on knit shirts?

    It seems to happen even when I hand wash them. A trip to the dry cleaners for de-pilling cleans them up but I'm curious if there's a trick to stopping it? Thanks
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    grooming Sampler Scent Choices

    I'm going to buy a scent sample set to use over the Summer. I've narrowed my choices down to Geo F. Trumpler Colognes & Eau de Toilettes and Barclay Crocker's Bay Rum Colognes /Aftershaves. I hope to find 1 or 2 scents to add and rotate into my favorites. Does anyone use any of these? Does...
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    Coming out from the cold

    Good evening all. I've been around for a few months and wanted to officially introduce myself. I born and raised in the Excelsior district of San Francisco. My parents moved us to Fresno in mid 70's. I have a B.S. in Construction Management from CSU Fresno. My work has allowed me to live...