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    Back to Basics !

    Exploring Fogey & Preppy has been fun... Looking at 'GTH Clothing' and the 'Boston Cracked-Shoe look' has been really enjoyable also... Anyone else missing Trad? Anyone else wanting more 'Ivy' style? So this thread is Back to Basics - To all the names we know & love, to all the core...
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    Look at this - Dead on my feet & still posting! I'm going nowhere for a while, so slippers are much on my mind - I like LL Bean's all leather double sole classics. For the more Fogey or Anglo how about Tricker's velvet slippers with embriodered toe and red quilted satin lining? What...
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    A long cold Cape Codder -

    Cheers! How will you watch the sun go down tonight? David
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    The 'Boston Cracked-Shoe' Look!

    Another phrase from the past... Shoes so old the leather is flaking off. Anyone remember? Anyone still do it? A very old money look I think. Also another phrase from Tom Wolfe... I think. David
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    Just Looking...

    I keep an eye on RL/Polo, but I don't buy. I keep an eye on J.Crew, but I don't buy. I look at their ideas and then shop at J.Press for any outfits they put together that I like. Anybody else do this? Who else should I keep an eye on to 'Magpie' ideas? 'Look but don't touch' Trad! David
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    Trad/Ivy Loafers

    Of the American names: Alden. Sebago. Bass. These we know... How about Eastland from Freeport, Maine? Or Buffalo Creek Traders from the Virginia Handsewn Company? Both sold in London as imported specials in the mid-80's. Any other old Loafers we should record & celebrate? David...
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    "Go-to-Hell" Clothing...

    (I'm only doing this to cheer myself up on a rainy day...!) Trad Go-to-Hell clothes: Very fun-loving and, as such, very Preppy probably, but not very Fogey, I don't think... (Harris will know best). It's a Summer look mainly - Patch Madras! Lime Green poplin trousers. Why not? Spouting...
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    Duck Head

    Huge in the '80's. Trad & Preppy too, I think. Very good quality. Didn't they make cotton 'Duck' for the US Army in WWII? Not what they used to be. A part of the Southern Trad 'uniform'? I was a fan. Any others? David
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    A Trad Shopping List...

    On my 'Trad' shopping list this morning: 1) Tony Randall / Jack Klugman 'Odd Couple' TV series on DVD. 2) 'Payton Place' TV series on DVD (Dear me, the P.P. Lana Turner film was poor!). 3) Bean's checked chino shorts in 'Night' for the beach this Summer. 4) Auchincloss's new book: 'The...
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    Anybody know if the old Hathaway ever made for LLBean, back when Bean's OCBD was US made? The pattern or cut of the Bean OCBD seems old Hathaway-esq to me, especially the collar. I'm comparing a 1984 Hathaway to Bean shirts from 1987-2004. Just an idle thought... David
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    First time at the 346

    This should be a nice thread for all Trads (even Preps & Fogies!). What was your first trip to the 346 like? Despite my advancing years I didn't get to New York and to Brooks until 1985. Brooks was a really big deal to me as an Englishman. It was iconic. It was everything Ivy League...
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    Non-OPH 'Preppy'

    OK, just to kick this off - This is the Trad forum... If we can look up to 'Fogey' style then I'm sure that we can look sideways to 'Preppy'... But real Preppy style, not an OPH pastiche. Who was actually there in the 80's? What was really worn? What were attitudes really like? What were...
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    Inherited Clothes

    This seems very Trad to me, very (US & UK) Fogey too, maybe even quite Preppy also... My Uncle has just given me some old knitted ties of his. Some were his father's (a man I never knew) and date back to the 1920's. I will try to get photographs posted when my nephew next comes to visit me...
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    Trad 101

    This might be nice to do... Imagine a young man just starting out who is interested in Trad clothing. Maybe he is your nephew and he comes to you for advice. Where should we collectively send him? What items should we steer him towards? Personally I'll take him shopping for Shetlands to...
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    Trad User names

    Russell Street in London is home to the only Ivy clothes shop in England. To the left is a joke shop, to the right is 'The Whiskey Shop'. So I thought that 'Russell Street' would be a good choice of name. Any others care to tell the story behind their choice of user name? David
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    Here we go - This is probably my chance to make a contribution... My name is Russell Street and I am an ex-Fogey... All my family are Fogeys... I still have Fogey friends from Prep School/Public School/University. I still have Fogey friends from the BBC. I turned my back on it all (for...
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    Tipsy in Madras

    This book is a lot of fun. It belongs with the OPH of course. Just another bit of trivia - but enjoyable. My best to you all - David
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    More Seersucker

    Love my old Brooks Seersucker suit but rarely get the chance to wear it... It's the Trad Blue/White stripe and I'm thinking that if I had bought the Grey/White stripe then I probably could have worn it more. It wouldn't have stood out quite so much in London. Any thoughts? What do you wear...
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    A Tradly Day...

    I'm having a bit of a Tradly day today. Got my Press 3btn button-down - Thanks Phil for all your trouble. Nice shirt. Good fit. etc. Did a bit of work. But only a bit. Next is lunch with my nephew - 'Fishers' in Oxford - And I recommend them to you all. 'Uncle Russell' is wearing...
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    Trad Influences

    Very happy to hear from my American Cousins about their Father's & Grandfather's influence. For me it was films, LP sleeves & guys around town. But that's just me. My Father & Grandfathers were English Trad men to their finger-tips. My first big eye-opener to the world of American...