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    OPR Shaving Soap

    It's been a long time since I ordered OPR shaving soap - maybe over a year or so. When I received it, it was much lighter in color than my previous order. Anyone know what's changed or have any comments about whether it works as well as it used to?
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    Zipper or Button-Fly?

    I vote for zippers. Buttons may be more traditional, but there's a good reason they were replaced by zippers. Just imagine yourself in a scuzzy men's room trying to fiddle your fly open and staining your fly with inky hands after reading a newspaper. Fly buttons make about as much sense as...
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    Given trench coat. Too big to tailor? Boston area.

    Personally, I wouldn't try going down from a 44 even to a 42 unless it was an extremely valuable piece. Making a change in shoulder size from 44 to 38 would involve pretty much taking the whole garment apart and reusing the cloth to custom-tailor another one. I second re-selling it.
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    How does one stop a leather tote from bleeding onto one's clothes?

    They sell leather sealers that are supposed to deal with this problem. I've never tried them. They may change the look of the leather, but if the tote is toast anyway, you might try it. I think they may be available in craft shops for leather-worker hobbyists. You don't say whether this problem...
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    DC Steak House

    Any suggestions for mid-town/capitol or Georgetown? I'm looking at Capital Grille, Charlie Palmer or maybe BLT, but I'm open to suggestions.
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    Ben Bernanke: Buy One Suit, Get Three Free

    I'm missing the connection. JAB made a decision to jack up its prices then make you think you're getting a discount. But how is Bernanke doing that with the stock market?
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    starting sentences with the word "so"......

    "So", like "like", can be useful or be overused, depending on the circumstances. Starting a sentence with "so" or "and" would be OK to indicate a continuation of the previous sentence's thought. For example, if someone said "Only an amateur would play Ibanez guitars", someone else might reply...
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    How to keep a sleek silhouette with a wad of keys in your pants pocket?

    The paragraphs are apparently not working. I used paragraphs, but they were ignored. I went back and re-inserted them on edit and they got ignored again. I tried html tags, no luck. I guess we've got a temporary bug.
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    How to keep a sleek silhouette with a wad of keys in your pants pocket?

    As I mentioned in a previous post, depending on the car, it's not always necessary to use the fob to set the alarm, at least for a factory system. You need to do a test (assuming you think a factory alarm is actually useful): Test One: Set the alarm with the fob, then open the door with the...
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    How to keep a sleek silhouette with a wad of keys in your pants pocket?

    Are you sure the remote is needed for the alarm? On both of my cars with factory alarms, the alarm is armed if you lock the door with the lock button while the door is open. On the one with the separate remote, opening the door with the key turns off the alarm.
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    How to keep a sleek silhouette with a wad of keys in your pants pocket?

    I used to do this, but then I thought if the car were ever broken into, they'd have my house key and my address (from the registration) and know I wasn't home, so I stopped.
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    How to keep a sleek silhouette with a wad of keys in your pants pocket?

    I'd start by eliminating as many keys as possible. If possible, get rid of remotes. They take up a bunch of room and the advantage of unlocking something from 10 feet away instead of walking up to it and using a key is miniscule. My car has a separate ignition key and remote fob, and I haven't...
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    Question about wearing a PS

    Just because you shouldn't wear a matching PS and tie doesn't mean you need to ditch the matching PS - just don't wear it with the exact same tie. If you have thirty of them, you still have a lot of other combinations to try.
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    Question about wearing a PS

    Coordinated tie and PS is fine. If they're an exact match, I wouldn't.
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    Opinion of Johnson & Murphy?

    I have a couple of pairs of the old made-in-us J&Ms. They've been rebuilt and still look good and are serviceable. I still wear the black cap toes on the rare occasion that I need a black shoe. When I bought them, they still made lettered widths and I could get an E. One day I went back for...
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    Shoe Trees - Newbie Question

    +1, unless you've been out in the rain and got them actually wet, in which case you should stuff them with newspaper and dry them out a bit first. But if you wait until normal sweat has evaporated, the trees really won't do much.
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    Here's what happens when you lose a bunch of weight.

    Congratulations on your impressive weight loss success. You're right - you can't take pants in more than about 2-3 inches. For me, that was about 20 lbs max. Trying to alter old clothes after a big weight loss is always a mistake. Nothing looks worse than someone who has lost a lot of weight...
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    The best champagne brands

    Which Jacquart are you referring to? Wine Spectator rated $35 NV Jacquart "Brut Tradition" 84 out of 100, which on their scale puts it not much above Ripple. (I think 76 is about the lowest I've ever seen any wine they've deemed to rate). Are we talking about one of their more premium bottlings?
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    The best champagne brands

    I don't usually go for expensive champagnes. I like Roederer Estate, which is Roederer's California sparkling wine. In a good year, Wine Spectator has it coming in within a point or two of their $200+ champagne, Cristal, but for under $30 a bottle.
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    Were thongs (ie flip-flops) worn in the early 50s?

    As I recall, they certainly existed, but in my area they were only worn on the beach or in the shower room at the gym. Wearing them on the street would be kind of like wearing trunks or a bathrobe on the street.