1. Chris H

    Premature wear on Brooks Brothers non iron OCBDs

    I have three Brooks Brothers non iron slim-fit OCBDs bought over the last couple of years, lately I've noticed that the collars and cuffs have started to wear. Has anyone else had a similar problem? I was thinking of returning them, Can anyone tell me if Brooks Brothers are likely to be...
  2. Chris H

    Urbane Whit

    In view of the interest in his work particularly 'Metropolitan' on the forum, I thought some might find this Whit Stillman article published in the UK Independent On Sunday of interest: https://enjoyment.independent.co.uk/film/features/article549618.ece
  3. Chris H

    Trad dress styling details

    Given that the 3-2 roll natural shoulder undarted jacket, the OCBD, and the unpleated cuffed flatfront pants are the trad dress default settings. I like to put my personal stamp on my clothing. For instance I prefer my jackets to be slim fitting, with lapels no wider than 3" and a hook vent...
  4. Chris H

    Brooks Brothers/Alden cordo mocs vs C&J Harvards

    I own a pair of BB/Alden shell cordo No.8 handsewn mocs which I am very pleased with. I'd like to purchase a similar pair in brown. It is simpler for me to purchase the C&J Harvards here in the UK than send to the US for the Aldens. Has anyone any experience of the Havards, or better...
  5. Chris H

    John Smedley Sample Sale in London

    A quick heads-up for anyone around in Central London today: I'm informed the John Smedley sample sale is being held today at the usual venue. Last time I went everything was £25 a pop. London College of Fashion John Princes St (off Oxford St) 10.30am-5.30pm
  6. Chris H

    Some nice trad items on ebay

    I thought these suits looked very tradly indeed: https://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZputneymountainQQhtZ-1 What do the experts think?
  7. Chris H

    Brooks Brothers to open in London?

    I've been informed me that there was article in the financial section of the London Evening Standard last week to the effect that Brooks Brothers are opening a branch in London. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Thanks in advance. Chris
  8. Chris H

    I'm a man, not a metrosexual!

    This article by Robert Elms appeared in the Times yesterday, it may be of interest to some: https://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,20029-1787954,00.html
  9. Chris H

    Trad shops in the Charleston Area

    I'll be on vacation in the US next month, flying to Orlando and then driving up to Charleston. I intend to pay Ben Silver a visit, can anyone recommend any other traditional clothes shops in the area? Thanks Chris