1. DoghouseReilly

    DIY Shaggy Dog?

    Good morning, gents. I got a wild thought this morning; do you think its possible to brush a regular shetland sweater to something approaching a Shaggy Dog? Various sources say that the original Shaggy Dogs were hand-brushed, but technique or the type of brush isn't included (and why would it...
  2. DoghouseReilly

    Solution: Fixing scuffs/scratches in chromexcel

    Haven't seen this method mentioned in the forum before, so thought I would share. It helped me with some nasty scuffs on a pair of chromexcel loafers. https://www.ashlandleather.com/Articles.asp?ID=256
  3. DoghouseReilly

    Doing another Luke Eyres order. Any takers?

    I was thinking about doing a run of scarves from Luke Eyres in this design: Would anyone be interested in participating? Price would be about $47 again.
  4. DoghouseReilly

    PSA: Allen Edmonds Shoe Bank is now online!

    When looking over the AE Tent Sale flyer (starts today, BTW), I noticed that the AE Shoe Bank now has an online presence: https://www.shoebank.com/
  5. DoghouseReilly

    Help identifying limited edition, unlined BB tie

    I scored an interesting tie this week. Anyone know anything about it? Width is 4" and it's unlined.
  6. DoghouseReilly

    BB Peal & Co Chukka. Anyone own a pair?

    Does anyone own a pair of BB's Peal & Co chukka field boots? If so, what do you think of them?
  7. DoghouseReilly

    Antigua and Barbuda: anyone been?

    I'm thinking of making a trip to Antigua and Barbuda; has anyone here been? Any suggestions? I already have a few sights in mind, but figured I would check with my AAAC brethren for suggestions.
  8. DoghouseReilly

    PSA: Ralph Lauren Private Sale - 15% off

    Polo Ralph Lauren up to 40% off + additional 15% with code MAYPS12 Good May 3rd through the 7th. Link
  9. DoghouseReilly

    East Coast Wear? Ever heard of 'em?

    Just ran across this place. You guys ever heard of 'em? https://www.eastcoastwear.com/sub/brand.html I like the looks of their polos. $25 isn't bad, either. The only sticking point might be the lighthouse logo.
  10. DoghouseReilly

    PSA: 20% off LLB Casco boat shoes until Monday

    The $10 gift card for a $50 is still going on too. Link
  11. DoghouseReilly

    Good source for oxford shirting fabric?

    Anyone know of a good source online for quality oxford shirting fabric?
  12. DoghouseReilly

    Military Seiko 5, $55 on eBay

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Seiko-5-Men's-Canvas-Strap-Automatic-Watch/150759596316?afepn=5335869999&campid=5335869999&PID=1225267 (Disclaimer: not my auction and don't know the guy. Just a good price for a good watch.)
  13. DoghouseReilly

    Jacket length: what do you prefer?

    I've really been zeroing in on my preferred jacket dimensions recently and the latest to receive my scrutiny is the overall length of the jacket. I just got done measuring the lengths of all my jackets and was a bit surprised by the results. A jacket I consider extremely short was only half an...
  14. DoghouseReilly

    PSA: Allen Edmonds socks (wool and cotton) ~$9/pr @ STP

    Sierra Trading Post has AE socks for close to $9 a pair before any discounts. Unfortunately, it looks like they only have XL sizes available (11 or 12 to ??). Sorry, smaller-footed trads. I bought a few pairs of the OTC merino ones last week and so far, so good. They are 80% wool, compared to...
  15. DoghouseReilly

    Trad and Showing cuff

    I just noticed that quite a few of the recent photos on the Trad Men thread depict men showing no cuff. Come to think of it, in older movies, I don't recall seeing it much either. Does showing a little cuff fit historically into the Trad dogma and if so, how much? How much do you personally prefer?
  16. DoghouseReilly

    Strange BB OCBD sleeve sizing

    I've had some very strange sizing issues lately with BB Extra Slim Fit Supima OCBDs and thought I would share them with everyone. Out of a purchase of 3 shirts, 1 was defective and another was oddly sized. Allow me to explain. I bought 3 15.5 x 36 shirts, 2 white and 1 ecru, last month. After...
  17. DoghouseReilly

    Back and better than before: LE tailored fit Highland Twills

    I mentioned these in another thread over in the Fashion Forum, but thought it warranted its own thread over here...
  18. DoghouseReilly

    O'Connell's worsted suits: when do they go on sale?

    I've been looking at the worsteds at O'Connell's and are wondering if there is a certain time of year that they go on sale. Anyone know? Even at $600 they look like a bargain, though.
  19. DoghouseReilly

    Poll: Return suit or get it repaired?

    I recently bought a Southwick suit in a navy, hopsack material off of eBay for $48 shipped. It's a darted 2 button, minimal shoulder, feels fully canvassed, and fits great. The issue is that I found an unmentioned hole about 3 mm in diameter on the back of the right sleeve. Question: Do I...
  20. DoghouseReilly

    BB Summer Clearance - Madras shirts for $35!

    Wow. https://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatSectionView.process?IWAction=Load&Merchant_Id=1&Section_Id=1148