1. immanuelrx

    St. Crispin's price hike.

    I was just on Skoak's website and I just noticed a huge price hight for St. Crispin's shoes. It amounts to about a 500,000 KRW increase. How is it looking on the American website?
  2. immanuelrx

    John Lobb

    Now supplied in the already grand halls of Skoak. To be honest, I was a little disappointed when they added Carlos Santos. Nothing against that shoe maker, I am sure they make good quality shoes. I was thinking they were going to add someone like John Lobb. Well now they did and I am excited. It...
  3. immanuelrx

    Suede Wholecut

    All I have to say is wow. So beautiful. Vass is amazing as you all very well know. https://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2016/12/suede-wholecuts-by-vass.html
  4. immanuelrx

    Difference between a car coat and a wool field coat.

    Thats pretty much it. There really doesn't look like much of a difference between the two. Here are the two examples I am looking at. https://www.oconnellsclothing.com/Schott-NYC-Men-s-Wool-Tweed-Car-Coat-Brown-774.html...
  5. immanuelrx

    18-month bespoke plan (Thanks Korea!)

    First off, happy Veterans day to all those currently serving and who have served in the past. I have put in paperwork to stay for an extra year here, which means more suits and odd jackets! I have layed out an 18 month plan to acquire a total of 4 bespoke suits and odd jackets each before I...
  6. immanuelrx

    Overcoat Time!

    Gents, I am contemplating having an overcoat made but am not smart on overcoats. I am thinking either a chesterfield or a polo coat. I have also seen some nice raglan coats, but I am unsure if I want one for my one good overcoat. I am probably going with the camel color and whatever I go with...
  7. immanuelrx

    My ultimate shoe rotation (Warning, lots of photos!)

    I have decided that I will not go over 20 pairs of quality shoes at any given time. With that, I have compiled a list of 20 shoes that I plan on owning eventually as my ultimate rotation. While I tried to make this rotation as versatile as possible, there are some shoes on the list that I just...
  8. immanuelrx

    Tailors in Hanoi?

    Hello all. I will be making a two week trip to Hanoi. Does anyone has experience with the tailors there? I have read that you can find some good tailors for a very inexpensive price, but I heard the same about Korea when I arrive. Those "good" tailors for that make inexpensive suits turned out...
  9. immanuelrx

    Starting the bespoke process (suggestions welcome!)

    Hello all. As some of you know, I have been talking about commissioning a suit here in Korea. Well I have started the process with a shop called Sartoria Vanni. https://vannibespoke.tumblr.com https://www.vanni.co.kr I will be commissioning a navy suit and a navy blazer. I have chosen the...
  10. immanuelrx

    sales Vass boot P2 Last Size 42.5

    They are a double leather sole and the two types of leather are red cognac calf and burgundy scotch gain calf. They are a good looking boot, just have decided I don't need two similar boots. Will ship to the US for $450. International, PM me to work something out. Please let me know if you want...
  11. immanuelrx

    Bad sartorial day reminds me of easter's meaning.

    I have had my Easter outfit planned out for months. I purchased a BBGF beige suit off eBay at a very low price that was in great condition. I had a very nice pink Kiton tie to wear with a white shirt and pocket square. I have a pair of Enzo Bonafe double monkstrap shoes to wear for the first...
  12. immanuelrx

    Casual shirt suggestions

    Maybe it is just the mood I am in, but the selection from BB and LE is not really giving me the urge to pull the trigger on some much needed casual shirts. Any suggestions out there? I seem to always gravitate toward blue, but because of that fact I have a good amount of blues in my wardrobe...
  13. immanuelrx

    Cut from the same cloth

    I recently decided to get some bespoke clothing at a place called Sartorial Vanni. I have posted links and pictures in my previous thread if you so choose to look. I have decided on getting a three piece navy suit and a navy blazer. I will probably pursue this in the summer. The two items got me...
  14. immanuelrx

    What are some mid-tier quality fabric.

    I am aware of the quality of Zenga, Loro Piana, Taylor and Lodge, and other higher quality fabric. What are some of the mid-level fabrics that are out there that are still good quality? I am looking for either a fabric from italy or england that is decent quality, but won't break the bank. I...
  15. immanuelrx

    New Brand Launch at Skoaktiebolaget!

    I received an email today saying they will be announcing a new brand launch on 4 Feb 16 at 6 pm CET. I was sad to see them no longer carry Edward Green as I was planning on purchasing a pair of Galways through them. I guess I will either have to find another shop or purchase through Edward Green...
  16. immanuelrx

    Want Vs. Need. When do you pull the trigger?

    I recently picked up a beige BBGF suit for $80 dollars. It seems like the perfect suit to wear for easter. It is in great condition and only needed a little bit of tailoring to fit. I really feel I lucked out with the purchase. It did get me thinking though. A beige or tan suit is way down the...
  17. immanuelrx

    Skoaktiebogalet PSA: Black friday

    Just talked to Gabriel and he informed me of a 15% off Black Friday deal for this weekend. The code BLACK15 will get you the 15% off. Happy thanksgiving and happy shopping!
  18. immanuelrx

    Skoaktiebogalet PSA: Black friday

    Just talked to Gabriel and he informed me of a 15% off Black Friday deal for this weekend. The code BLACK15 will get you the 15% off. Happy thanksgiving and happy shopping!
  19. immanuelrx

    Blazer options

    After perusing a brooks brothers store during the last 30% Corporate sale, I decided I might pick up the 1818 blazer during the next Corporate sale. I have a couple of issues though. One is, I am not crazy about the logo on the buttons. I am sure I can find a different set to be sewn on while...
  20. immanuelrx

    Beer on Chromexcel

    Gentlemen, I need your help. Unfortunately, beer ended up on my chromexcel shoes. I figured I would do my usual 50% vinegar/water mix to get it out, but it didn't work. I did a little search and couldn't seem to find anything for my dilemma. What can I do to get these spots out? Thanks in...