1. J

    OPR Shaving Soap

    It's been a long time since I ordered OPR shaving soap - maybe over a year or so. When I received it, it was much lighter in color than my previous order. Anyone know what's changed or have any comments about whether it works as well as it used to?
  2. J

    DC Steak House

    Any suggestions for mid-town/capitol or Georgetown? I'm looking at Capital Grille, Charlie Palmer or maybe BLT, but I'm open to suggestions.
  3. J

    Homemade Ginger Ale?

    I was watching one of the old BBC Agatha Christie "Tommy and Tuppence" stories starring Francesca Annis, and they were drinking "Horse's Necks". In the US, they're usually made with whiskey and ginger ale, but they apparently made them with gin and occasionally referred to them as "GGs". I...
  4. J

    How do You Make Your Coffee?

    We used an automatic filter machine (Cuisinart), but since we don't drink coffee regularly throughout the day, we usually ended up throwing most of it away. We got a Keurig single-cup machine for Christmas. My wife likes it. I'm less enthusiastic. The coffee seems a bit weak and the K-cups are...
  5. J

    How Do You Pronounce "Pecan"?

    I know, it's not an earth-shaking issue like when Casey Anthony is getting out of jail, but I'm curious. "Pecan" is one of those words that seems to depend on where you live. Paula Deen, as I recall, pronounces it PEE-can. But in a restaurant in Nashville, the waiter listing the desserts told us...
  6. J

    Chicago Restaurant Suggestions

    We're going to be at the Palmer house for a few days in September. We're looking for some restaurant suggestions somewhere near Michigan Ave. between the Art Institute and the Hancock Center - fine dining, semi-casual or unusual. Any ideas?
  7. J

    grooming Shaving Brush Suggestions

    I've decided to try switching from my Barbasol to a brush and soap, and need to find a decent but not too expensive brush (I might trade up later if I decide to continue the experiment). I'm looking at some of the offerings at Em's Place. If I want to stay under $60, would I be better with...
  8. J

    Department Store Boxer Briefs - a Personal Quest

    I recently went shopping for boxer briefs to replace my collection of Calvins. I confined myself to common department store brands: Armani, Jockey "seamless", 2xist, Brooks Brothers 346 and Ralph Lauren (I didn't try Fruit of the Loom). After buying and wearing a few of each, I thought I'd...
  9. J

    If Not Peter Luger, Then Where?

    It sounds like no one's been impressed with PL in Brooklyn. Although I live right across the river, I've never eaten in any of the big NYC steak houses. My two favorites are the Metropolitan Grill in Seattle and the Stockyard in Nashville. Has anyone found a particularly good steak house they...
  10. J

    Bolder colored socks on the cheap

    The various suggestions about going for more brighter and more unusual colored socks have led me to want to give it a try. But none of the stores I've looked in have much beyond the usual black, gray, navy, tan, etc., while the more creative colors seem only to be available from Pantherella...
  11. J

    New Shoes

    I got a pair of shell cord penny-loafers for Christmas. The fit is fine except for the seam just over the inside of the instep on one shoe, which rubs on my somewhat prominent bone. Any suggestions beyond returning them? I really love the shoes except for this one annoyance.
  12. J

    Why "Besom" Pockets?

    Does anyone know where the term "besom pocket" came from? I always thought a besom was a broom. The only thing I've been able to find says it originated in the 1960's, but offers no further explanation.
  13. J

    Need a Good tailor in NJ/NY

    Can anyone suggest a good alterations tailor in central/northern NJ or Manhattan? The few locals I've tried haven't done a great job. Also, my new Corneliani suit needs the sleeves shortened quite a bit. There are faux button holes embroidered by the buttons which will have to be moved. Can they...
  14. J

    Buying from P. Lal in the U.S.

    A lot of members have recommended P. Lal as a good US source for English shoes. I've never ordered anything from overseas, so I'm not sure how it works. I'm hoping some US buyers can help me. Do you just use a credit card like any other purchase and the credit card company takes care of the...
  15. J

    Suede Wingtips

    Now that AE has discontinued the McClain wingtips in brown suede (and they don't have any in my size at Zappo's or the Shoe Bank), does anyone know of a similar leather-sole suede wingtip or brogue in the same price range ($300) or less?
  16. J

    Suits for the Less Than Slim

    Having gained some weight, it's time to admit I'm up a size and need some new suits. I love the cut of Isaias and Cornellianis, but I'm wondering if they'd fit a 42R with a 36-37 waist. Or should I look for something with a more generous "sack" type cut? Suggestions in the $600 - $900 range?
  17. J

    Source for Vintage Watch Repair

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, but does anyone have suggestions/advice for getting my pre-WW2 Hamilton tank watch repaired/overhauled? I haven't been able to find anyone locally in NJ. I've contacted two on the Internet, one in upstate NY, the other in Oregon. Their very...
  18. J

    Barrel cuffs on the way out?

    I poked my head into the Tyrwhitt store on Madison Ave. in NYC and, unless there's some secret room I missed, I couldn't find a barrel cuff in the place. Are barrel cuffs becoming that dead on dress shirts, or is Tyrwhitt the exception?