1. Zinc2005

    Modest Tie Collection Optimization

    Hello, I am trying to improve a modest tie collection. I don't want to own more than 10 ties and would prefer to own even fewer. I have one charcoal suit, and one nice navy jacket that I wear with odd trousers. I don't have much occasion to dress up. I work in a business where I communicate...
  2. Zinc2005

    60" Ties. Am I Crazy?

    So I am reducing and improving my modest tie collection and think I have come to the conclusion that I prefer around a 60" tie. I am 5"9 and have a neck size of 16.5 and tie four in hand knots. My favorite tie is currently 60" and when tied the small end extends through the keeper by maybe 3"...
  3. Zinc2005

    AE Dundee 2.0 Loden Suede. Would you accept this minor imperfection?

    Alright, so I have the Dundee 2.0 in brown grain and like it very much. I was excited to get a pair in suede but I'm kind of disappointed with the quality of the pair I received. Normally I would just exchange for a different pair, but this style has been discontinued and they don't have any...
  4. Zinc2005

    Adding Chukkas to a Small Rotation - What Color / Material?

    I noticed Allen Edmonds Dundee 2.0 are on clearance for around $250 and would like to buy a pair to add to my rotation. I currently have -Black Park Avenues -Burgandy Park Avenues -Dark Brown Ascher Penny Loafers image uploading Walnut seems like the obvious choice to round out color variety...
  5. Zinc2005

    AE Loafers - From Walnut to Chocolate in Three Hours

    Darkened second quality walnut Ascher loafers with unsightly dye issues. Used Meltonian dark cordovan cream polish x3 followed by clear wax. We'll see how ti holds up. Hard to take accurate pictures at night. At first blush, what do you all think?
  6. Zinc2005

    AE Randolph Loafer Fit

    I recently ordered two sizes of AE Randolph loafers online as I do not have a store near to me where I can try shoes on. One pair 8 EEE one pair 8.5 EEE. The smaller size is pretty snug. I definitely cannot slip them on on without a horn and cannot really wiggle my toes a whole lot. The larger...
  7. Zinc2005

    Stretching Allen Edmonds (65 Last)

    I have determined that I was incorrectly sized by an AE employee about a year ago. Anyhow, I bought 3 pairs of shoes in 8.5 E that have been worn. Upon a return to the store recently, I was fitted as an 8 EEE by the store manager. Is it realistic to think that I might be able to stretch my...
  8. Zinc2005

    4 Pairs of Allen Edmonds Shoes. Starting Over.

    Long story short, I bought several pairs of AE shoes in the past but have concluded that I purchased the wrong size. At the time of purchase I was following the advice of an AE salesman who evidently got it wrong. Basically I am starting over in a new size and looking for some feedback on which...
  9. Zinc2005

    AEs Developing Nice Burnishing

    So I got these AE Sanfords at a thrift like 3 years ago. This was before I really knew how to take care of shoes and I definitely beat them to hell. Bonfires, mud, rain... no terrain was too severe. Anyhow, I am actually really happy with how they have aged. After a while I wised up and took...
  10. Zinc2005

    Toe Box Reinforcement Insert

    Does anyone know of a product that could be inserted into a cap toe shoe to reinforce the toe box and prevent potential creasing on this area?
  11. Zinc2005

    Tanner Goods Belts

    Does anyone here own any Tanner Goods belts. My friend in LA is raving about the quality. Looks pretty good to me as well.. https://www.tannergoods.com/collections/belts-1
  12. Zinc2005

    AE Lubbock Breakin

    Just picked up some Lubbocks and am trying to break these monsters in. The leather is easily twice as thick as any of my other AEs and there is a double sole. Right now I would not describe these as comfortable by any stretch but I think I have the right size. Any tips on breaking in a shoe like...
  13. Zinc2005

    Park Ave Creasing on Cap Toe

    I have 2 pairs of park avenues in 8.5 E. Both fit very well. Both were purchased at the same time. One is creasing nicely. One is creasing on the cap toe. What do you make of this? Anyone run into this issue?
  14. Zinc2005

    Visual Guide to Dressing Well

    Have you seen this? Kinda cool. A decent crash course for those just getting started.
  15. Zinc2005

    Quick Funeral Question

    So I am attending a funeral on Saturday and trying to figure out what to wear. I have done a bit of reading from previous posts on this forum and it sounds like I am gonna be fine with a navy blazer, grey trousers, black leather, conservative tie. My only concern is that my blue blazer has...
  16. Zinc2005

    Allen Edmonds for Brooks Brothers

    Anyone have any experience with Allen Edmonds shoes for Brooks Brothers? I have the opportunity to pick up walnut Strands and brown 5th Avenues for $125 each but they are the Brooks Brothers version. AE told me that they can be re-crafted but that they will have to be returned to Brooks...
  17. Zinc2005

    My Own Shoe Shebang of Sorts

    In response to Shaver's recent post regarding shoe essentials, I am inspired to compose a similar list using only Allen Edmonds shoes as a sort of road map for my own collection. I am keeping the list to AEs only because I am confident that I can get a good fit by ordering over the internet...
  18. Zinc2005

    New Park Avenue Lacing Question

    I have read many posts that have suggested that when balmorals are laced the facing should be basically closed and not forming a V-shaped opening exposing the tongue. I think I am encountering a similar problem that others have had in that I have a fairly high instep that makes finding a good...
  19. Zinc2005

    Tie & Knot- 17 Neck

    I am having a hard time finding the perfect type of tie and knot to tie for my neck size. I have a few Hermes ties that seem to always end up with a knot much too small for my neck in my opinion. I know most here are advocates of the four in hand knot but with a thin, Hermes tie, this just...
  20. Zinc2005

    Windowpane Sports Coat or Obvious Orphaned Suit Top

    So I once again have found what is most likely an orphaned suit top that fits me extremely well. I am wondering if this could reasonably worn as a coat with odd pants or if it is just to obviously lacking it's counterpart. If you feel it could be worn with odd pants could you please make some...