1. take_five

    War and Peace

    Hello, I had enjoyed the works of many English speaking film directors for years back in the day (I don’t watch films often now though). Woody Allen, Stanley Kubrick, Roman Polanski, Peter Jackson, James Cameron were among them. I highly regarded Stanley Kubrick for his amazingly beautiful film...
  2. take_five

    Suit + backpack

    In Moscow, I sometimes see people who wear business suits with backpacks. Back in the day I thought it looked ridiculous. Now I still think it looks weird yet I consider the similar combination myself. I’m not going to wear a suit with a backpack since it is still a taboo in my book but...
  3. take_five

    Tailoring a knitwear

    Hi, I have a piece of woolen knitwear (sweater, to be exact). It sits well in the shoulders and chest yet it is wide in the waist area. Can tailors tailor woolen knitwear? It is no problem when it somes to cotton shirts but woolen sweater. Is it possible? If yes, how?
  4. take_five

    Shoes for jeans and t-shirt

    Hi, Could you kindly suggest a pair of shoes for jeans and t-shirt (not polo shirt)? I need some shoes of tan color to match good with jeans and t-shirts. Top-siders don't fit obviously as I'm going to wear socks. I used to wear Converses which matched fine yet they are too fragile and pretty...
  5. take_five

    womens-fashion Headscarf for a woman

    I'd like to buy a hearscarf for my wife as a gift. It must me pretty warm for a very cold weather. It should be made of wool. Maybe some thick wool. Maybe cashmere. Any brand suggestions?
  6. take_five

    How to match metals

    My complexion is light. My watch has a burgundy leather strap, white dial, and a golden rim. All of my leather belts have white metal buckles. I'm going to buy a wedding band. The question is what color it should be? White or gold?
  7. take_five

    Here is my wedding garment. What do you think of it?

    Hello, I’ve got my wedding clothes delivered yesterday. It doesn’t fit well as planned so I’d be grateful to get your advice on the fitting issue. 1. Problem #1. Trousers tend to wedge into the seat area. I don’t get why this happens. Trousers are fine in the leg width. They sit awesome on...
  8. take_five

    Embroidery on wedding shoes

    What pair would you recommend for my navy suit? The first pair has the embroidery on the toe. Is it appropriate for a wedding? I assume embroidery means less formal which is not the best option for a wedding.
  9. take_five

    What do you think of this sleeve length?

    I'm choosing my first shirt with a cuff link. This is my typical shirt of 34''. The next size is 35''. Should I buy 35'' or stick to 34''? Sorry for the shirt is rumpled.
  10. take_five

    Tuxedo or Morning suit?

    Thanks for you guys I now know there is such a thing as morning dress. I've never seen it in my neck of the woods. Now I must admit it looks pretty cool. So my original desire to wear a lounge grey suit on my wedding moved to a navy suit, and finally it tends to move either to a tuxedo or a...
  11. take_five

    Choosing a suit to get married

    Hi, I'm going to marry in this spring. So I choose a suit these days. Would you recommend me any particular color or pattern? As of today I like this one. I also like this one (to a lesser extent though):
  12. take_five

    Best tie for solid grey suit

    Hi, I need you help in choosing the best color and pattern for the grey (not charcoal, but middle or light grey) suit and white or ecru shirt. It's easy to choose a tie for a navy suit yet hard for the grey one. I also think of a checked or striped grey suit. I wonder what kind of tie would...
  13. take_five

    Proper neck slit size in sweaters and cardigans

    Is this slit fine or too wide? I always thought the lower brim of your collar must touch the outer brim of you neck slit. So in this particular photo the slit is too wide.
  14. take_five

    Shoes for lean type people

    I have several pairs of shoes which give wrinkles on the top of my feet since my feet are lean, not fat. Is there a way to fix it except for wearing several pairs of socks at the same time to make my foot higher? Shoes I buy are mostly fine in terms of width but too high in terms of height.
  15. take_five

    Proper way to store your knitwear

    Hi, I have several knit sweaters and cardigans made of wool and cotton. Here you can see three ways of my storing it. What one would you choose and why? It seems the first one is the safest yet it produces wrinkles so you have to get rid of them every time you're going to wear a piece. The...
  16. take_five

    Fixing a collar

    Hi, I want my trench coat collar to stay this way: Yet it always spreads away and stays like this: Is there a way to fix it?
  17. take_five

    Gloves color

    Hi, Say you have a blue (pretty saturated middle blue, not navy) suit. You wear a blue trenchcoat over it. Your shoes are tan. Your bag is optional - sometmes you wear it and sometimes don't. The question is what color your gloves should be. If you wear tan to match shoes it looks much too...
  18. take_five

    Choosing sunglasses

    Hi, I like this model since their shape fits my face well. https://leisure-society.com/shop/ophthalmic/duke As for coloring. I'm going to choose Matte Black. The problem is they are too expensive.They are around 900 dollars. Could you suggest please any alternatives of this shape?
  19. take_five

    Navy + Tan/Brown

    Hi, If you wear tan shoes and a tan/brown belt with a navy suit it looks terrible if you don't wear a suit jacket since the bright belt divides your body in half. If the belt is hidden under the jacket the tan/brown shoes look great together with a navy trousers. The thing is I rare wear a suit...
  20. take_five

    Clothes that helps you look younger

    Say you have a purpose to seduce young women which are around 7-10 years younger than you are. Say they should be around 20-25 y/o. What would you wear? Here is what I assume based on my experience: Dress suits, ties, briefcases make you look older. It is a fact. If you wear t-shirts, jeans...