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    Southwick--fall '09

    The fall '09 cloth has arrived. You may find they've already been added to the box at your local shop. Some of the best looking cloth I've seen in the Southwick box in years. I'm guilty of succumbing to the temptation to buy "better"--okay, not "better" necessarily; rather, cloth I just...
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    Shetlands. Lots. On the way.

    Crewnecked; saddled; variety of colors, including--wait for it-- --wait for it... ...wait for it... ...pink. Or so I hear. And Air Force blue. Where? O' Connell's, of course. Due to arrive any day now. A new source, I think. I'm not sure how (if at all) "brushed." As always...
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    Custom eyewear business in TX

    What a story. The fellow--an Abilene, Texas gent--wanted a pair of tortoise p3's. Problem: he couldn't find them. So what's he do? Starts a business to make them. How great is that? ("I'll just make my own glasses. How hard can it be?"). The business grows...
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    The Andover Shop

    Not sure if there's already been a post (or more?) on the Fall 2009 offerings. Lots of great looking tweeds, as always. Their doeskin blazer--looks to be one of the lighter shades of blue in the Loro Piana doeskin book. Glad they're still around and hopefully doing well. Is anybody else...
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    Hopes for Fall

    Last year--a very good year. I had hoped Press might offer a medium ("Air Force") blue flannel, as well as a medium-to-dark grey chalk, in the Pressidential line. Amazingly, they offered both. I was very pleased. A couple of nice tweeds as well. And an abundance of great looking neckwear...
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    https://cache2.asset-cache.net/xc/50393761.jpg?v=1&c=NewsMaker&k=2&d=4996399091E83186B78F391962FC365687347052288BB462 https://cache1.asset-cache.net/xc/50391519.jpg?v=1&c=NewsMaker&k=2&d=4996399091E831863DA8F4815F465A598D143FD4AE7FC81B Importance of shoulder point-to-point being...
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    Yet another p3 option.

    Ralph. Of course. https://eyeglasses.go-optic.com/store/eyeglasses/details.asp?id=30801 Pretty good looking frame, even if it's not straight bridged.
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    Sam Hober A&S Highlanders--back in stock

    https://www.samhober.com/store/argyle-and-sutherland-highlanders.html edit: Actually, it's presently being woven. I'll be eager to see the woven silk version. Good news.
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    Mogador Neckwear

    I own several cotton-silk "mogador" neckties made by PoloRL. Great ties. Very unique look and feel. As compared/contrasted with woven repp silk, the colors seem more vibrant. A few years ago PoloRL offered a few mogador neckties in classic designs. Presently the following mogador...
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    Viyella at Landau's

    Lots of Viyella shirts at Landau's in Princeton, including a limited selection of cotton-cashmere blend shirts. Great prices. Lowest I've seen anywhere. I intend to buy a few later today.
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    Best stripe design ever?

    Okay, okay--I'm fully aware there isn't just one. Too many good ones from which to choose. Still, I think the Highgate School design would be a front runner. Almost certainly the most versatile necktie in my closet. I like the Robert Talbott version fine, but own variations (offered by...
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    (Current) favorite necktie

    I wear it with a blazer. And solid navy suits, including poplin. An at-least-once-a-week standby. Great (woven silk repp) material; classic design. I highly recommend. https://www.samhober.com/store/downside-school-silk-tie-2-p17422.html
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    Alden two eyelet boat shoe

    https://www.theshoemart.com/cgi-bin/category.cgi?&vendor=ALD&template=men&browse_vendor=1&item=ALD_m_2_EYE_BOAT_SHOE&ps=2&start=81&rpro= Check out the dark brown. Nice.
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    I've been thinking a bit recently about how thoroughly NOT elegant I am. Maybe unelegant? Or even anti-elegant. I know people who are elegant. You know when you see it, elegance. Luxe may be elegance's first cousin. Neat, "put together," polished. Don't most people equate elegance...
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    Enough. Already.

    If memory serves, George Frazier once declared Biddle--A.J. Drexel, that is--to be the best dressed gent in the country. I think Frazier observed that Biddle owned seven--only seven--suits. Didn't he use the word "monastic" to describe the entirety of Biddle's wardrobe? I think the...
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    Ben Silver Harris Tweed Sport...

    ...jackets. Now on sale. The website's "factory outlet." https://www.bensilver.com/fs_storefront.asp?root=330&show=449 Here's a three button "tip over": https://www.bensilver.com/fs_storefront.asp?root=330&show=449&display=4582&group=1
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    I wonder how many among us wear a suit every day, and, more specifically, a dark (grey or navy) suit. I wear a suit almost every day of the work week. Almost always a dark suit. Sometimes with stripes; sometimes not. Occasionally (on Fridays mostly) a sport jacket or a poplin suit. Almost...
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    Bobby Kennedy book

    Entitled A Time It Was: Bobby Kennedy in the Sixties. Photos and text by Bill Eppridge. Lots of photos of Bobby on the campaign trail. Almost certainly of interest to people who look back (fondly) upon the TNSIL look of that era. Worthy of a look: The cuffs on p. 43, the horn rims on p. 70...
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    Hopes for Fall

    Another version of the heavy Press hopsack blazer offered a couple of fall seasons ago. This time flapped as well as patched. A Press flannel suit--medium or greyish blue. Heathery. Only hoping. Not to be confused with a prediction. Cheers, Harris
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    Bills Khakis Bentley OCBD

    Anybody bought one? Or two? Squire? Be willing to share photos? Perhaps a (more) detailed review?