1. AldenPyle

    Madison Ave Look New Haven

    A few more candid shots of J.Press 1954, somehow I don't remember seeing these before. Worth putting in one place, I guess
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    How Often Do You Need to Service a Self-Winding Automatic Watch?

    I'm looking for the least hassle possible. Something like a Seiko or a Hamilton Khaki, could you last a decade w/o taking it to the shop. Two decades?
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    Anyone seen New Norman Hilton Jackets? Any info.

    I've been intrigued by the natural shoulder 3/2 tweeds that Nick Hilton has been selling. Has anyone seen these? How do they look? Any quibbles? Short, long, how's the shoulders? Will there be spring jackets? etc.
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    Trad Spotting - Love American Style

    Inspired by the revival of the thread on the Dating Game, I found some captures from "Love, American Style", a comedy show from the early 1970's which was somewhat unique in that each week featured a 30 minute one-off vignette on the general topic of romance staring familiar TV character...
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    J. Press Custom Shirts?

    I noticed that J. Press was having a sale on their custom program. Has anyone had any experience with their shirts in terms of availability of fabrics, price, availability of unlined collars etc. Thanks.
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    Robert Culp R.I.P.

    Thought I would note the passing of sartorial hero, Robert Culp, who played Kelly Robinson on I Spy. In addition to acting, Culp played a major role in the creation and writing of the series. Obviously, his career was long and he did many things, as well. Here is the NY Times obituary...
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    Moderately Interesting Yale Daily News Ads ca. 1960

    Here's a series of photos from Fenn-Feinstein showing there impression of the natural shoulder look.
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    Cute Cartoon from Yale Daily News 1967

    This is an editorial cartoon from September 1967, interesting that "hippie" styles had already become so prevalent by that date.
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    Boyer on Trad as Sprezzatura and 4 Points of Advice

    There is an interesting piece on Sprezzatura by Bruce Boyer in the current issue of The Rake. That august author on matters sartorial discussed the natural shoulder style in the broader context of studied nonchalance. "[Sprezzatura is]... the ECHL (English country-house look) and its American...
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    East West Jam Session

    I thought these were a fun way of seeing how the look was worn, once upon a time.
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    OCBD Features and Bugs Bulllet Point

    Herrsuit asked for recommendations for the best OCBD. No such thing exists, probably, but they all have a range of features, some desirable and some not, and one mans bug is another man’s feature and vice versa. Just off the top of my head Brooks Brothers Traditional Supima The...
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    Cuffing Buzz Ricksons

    On recent trip to Japan, I got a couple pair of Buzz Rickson Original Spec. Chinos. https://item.rakuten.co.jp/hinoya/br40025a/ The pants are far too long and I am trying to figure out how to finish them. The options are: 1) Hem them shorter, but without cuffs or taper. 2) Taper them and cuff...
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    Hot Chix from Life Magazine

    Julie Newmar 1958
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    Japanese Trad Message Board

    https://americantradclub.ikidane.com/ I found this Japanese American Trad message board. Not much to say, as I don't read Japanese, but there are pictures and links, so I thought I would share.
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    Brooks Made in USA Sack Sportscoats - Surprisingly slim

    This summer there were a couple of Brooks Made in USA sacks (in L/W/S blend and Saxxon {whatever that is}) on the website which I ordered. I like them a lot. I had assumed they would be essentially Southwick Douglas's, but the cut was a bit different. I think the shoulder's are nicer, even the...
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    Jacob Lawrence

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    Ben Silver Factory Outlet Website Blowout August 11

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    Walter Cronkite - RIP

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    In an August 1960 speech, John Kennedy proposed a program to send young American college graduates abroad to aid development programs. The program was inaugarated soon after Kennedy himself. Young people gathered at colleges across the country to discuss the new Peace Corps and Life Magazine was...
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    High School Trad Ipswich