1. mhj

    Gray cotton twill trousers/chinos

    I got a pair from Lands End recently that I'm very happy with. They are constantly going on sale for I think $40 so keep an eye out.
  2. mhj

    Ask a Trad Question & Get Answer: Quick Q&A

    +1. I bought one about a year ago and am very happy with it. Good fit and not plastic-y at all.
  3. mhj

    Orvis Ultimate Khakis - Regular vs. Trim Fit

    I bought a pair of Ultimates several years ago. They shrunk quite a bit after washing in both the waist and length. I launder them at home and put in the dryer at normal heat which may be a contributing factor but I that with all of my other khakis. The fit was great although a little tight and...
  4. mhj

    Ask a Trad Question & Get Answer: Quick Q&A

    I had a package stuck en route and filed an inquiry with USPS. After I finally received it I got a phone call apologizing from a supervisor at my local PO. I was extremely impressed.
  5. mhj

    Going Watchless - The benefits of NOT wearing a watch

    Aren't our fancy expensive suits a status symbol of yesterday too? Why don't you wear a hoodie or an untucked shirt with sweatpants and leather sneakers or whatever is au courant?
  6. mhj

    Rubber-soled shoes -- are they ever okay to wear with a suit?

    I've always said that foul weather trumps fashion. We have some world-class blizzards in my locale and people will wear all kinds of rugged footwear with a suit. I personally wear AE Higgins Mills or Bean Boots.
  7. mhj

    Black argyle sweater, identification or similar sweaters?

    Try Google Lens, maybe it will come up something.
  8. mhj

    Suede derby’s

  9. mhj

    Should I wear Dress Shoes on the beach?

    " evidence of how "uncool" or "clueless" Nixon was, in contrast to the casual elegance and effortless style of JFK. " Of course, the media would never do anything like this today :)
  10. mhj

    Dress Shirt with 3” collar under $50

    I've heard that S & M ran on the slim side. Can anyone confirm or deny that?
  11. mhj

    Madras Summer Shirt

    It's unsold, if it's within policy you could leave it up. Maybe a strangler will come along. Thanks, Marc
  12. mhj

    What are you actually wearing these days?

    Same as before, khakis, OCBDs, penny loafer, wing tips, etc. It's starting to cool off, so the sweaters and tweed jackets are coming out. I still get up at 5:30-6:00 am, shower & wash my hair as my regular schedule.
  13. mhj

    sold Free NATO Style Straps - Watch Bands

    Oh well. Thanks for the offer.
  14. mhj

    sold Free NATO Style Straps - Watch Bands

    Can't quite make out the size. If they are 20mm I'll take them.
  15. mhj

    Question about Barbour Thornproof Dressing

    Agree with above. I tried once and it was a real PIA and didn't look that great when I finished. You can drop it off at a local Orvis store and they send to Barbour USA for you. https://www.newenglandreproofers.com/ is the other option mentioned by fishertw.
  16. mhj

    official Chipp Neckwear Thread

    Mr. Winston, since I have access to an expert, how do you recommend storing grenadine and knit ties? I find that they stretch if I hang them and retain a curl if I roll them and put in a drawer. Thx
  17. mhj

    Thrift store blues & brags

    It turns it that the situation isn't as bad as I thought. Later in the evening I checked Goodwill's website and found that the first store that I went to, my usual one, had closed and is moving to a new location which is the second store I went to. Apparently it hasn't opened yet but is much...
  18. mhj

    Thrift store blues & brags

    I'm getting jealous. I drove past two Goodwill stores today and they are both vacated. I'm assuming due to concerns about the virus.
  19. mhj

    official Trad Forum Renaming: Looking for suggestions

    Be careful. Wasp nest may be considered culturally insensitive and racist. Could get you canceled. ;)