1. welldressedfellow

    grooming Bar Shampoo

    Does anyone care to share experiences with J.R. Liggett's bar shampoo? Or perhaps someone could recommend another brand.
  2. welldressedfellow

    Dressing for Guatemala

    I'll be in Guatemala (near Guatemala City for the majority of the trip, and a day or two in Antigua) for a week in January. Having never graced this part of the world with my presence, I find myself dumbfounded as to what I should bring, clothing wise. Since I will be doing a lot of work...
  3. welldressedfellow

    Vacquetta Leather?

    Bing has turned up few leads; is vacquetta leather akin to full grain? I've been eyeing a new Dopp kit and this term keeps popping up. On a side note, recommendations for a good (sub $100.00) leather or leather/canvas Dopp would be appreciated. My old vinyl number given to me as part of a...
  4. welldressedfellow

    Duffel Bags

    Has anyone had experience with Duluth Trading Company's fire hose canvas duffel bag? From the reviews on the web site, it seems to have a good holding capacity and looks like it can take a beating, which is exactly what I need for travel in Central America. The Made in China bit bothers me, but...
  5. welldressedfellow


    Where da Buxtehude enthusiasts at?
  6. welldressedfellow

    grooming Fare thee well, Vitalis....

    Just as I started to get addicted to the stuff, I find out they've discountinued the tonic and have moved to making mousse and hairspray. Any other Vitalis lovers out there? Could anyone recommend something with similar greaseless hold and a light shine? I like Lucky Tiger, but it's a tad...
  7. welldressedfellow

    Organist Shoes (Assuming I'm not the only organist 'round these parts...)

    Well, I'm back from the dead! Are there any organ shoes of slightly higher quality than Organmasters?
  8. welldressedfellow


    I was in Old Navy to pick up a few pairs of argyle socks, and lo and behold I came across a khaki cotton blazer, complete with natural shoulders and no darts, and with kissing cuff buttons. Man was I tempted, but the material was a tad coarse. But wow..... trad at Old Navy.
  9. welldressedfellow


    Anybody giving anything up this year? I'm giving up sweets and caffeine. :crazy:
  10. welldressedfellow

    Greek, anyone?

    I just had the end-all-beat-all moussaka, made by a friend's grandmother (the woman should be canonized!) Any other lovers of Greek cuisine here? What's your favorite?
  11. welldressedfellow

    The Tradification of Welldressedfellow

    Well, I now have ten sack suits, sixteen odd sack jackets (sales and Ebay), I wear bow ties at least once a week, OCBD's outnumber other shirts 2/1, I wear grosgrain watchbands almost exclusively, and I'm even starting to convert to flat front trousers and virtually all of my trousers (barring...
  12. welldressedfellow

    Favorite Pizza Topping(s)

    Bear with me, I'm bored. My favorite is ham and pineapple, although quattro formaggi is a close second.
  13. welldressedfellow

    Giuseppe Verdi

    What is your favorite Verdi opera? For me, it is La Traviata.
  14. welldressedfellow

    Would You Ever Wear Crocs?

  15. welldressedfellow

    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

    Day off, girlfriend in Texas, grass cut Saturday, laundry done, nothing to do but wait for seven o'clock tonight. So I am venting my boredom here. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? For me, it is rocky road at Tony's in Gastonia (long, LONG drive but well worth it!)
  16. welldressedfellow

    Pocket Squares

    Do you wear one every time you wear a jacket?
  17. welldressedfellow


    Just curious, how often do you wear one?
  18. welldressedfellow

    For cryin' out loud.....

    From Menswearhouse: https://www.menswearhouse.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay_10051_11241_10601_66325_-1_11241__10051 :rolleyes:
  19. welldressedfellow

    Allen Edmonds

    I couldn't help but to laugh when I saw this on the 'Bay...
  20. welldressedfellow

    Patent Leather Sub $100.00?

    My cousin,who had planned to attend senior prom in white tie,has decided (with some guidance from me) on a 1BPL DJ and fly front marcella shirt.He has everything except the shoes.He wants patent leather oxfords,but we can't find anything decent looking at the sub $100.00 level. Al we could...