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    Las Vegas Attire

    I have a meeting in Las Vegas this weekend, staying at Bellagio. I realize I may be down to my undershorts by Sunday, but what is the usual attire for dinner, casinos and shows?
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    AE Burton won't stay polished

    Over the last decade or so, I've developed a collection of a couple of dozen AE and Alden shoes. I wear them in a fairly strict rotation, rarely more than twice a month. About every 3 months we have a rainy weekend and I'll clean, condition and polish the lot using AE shoe cream. They look...
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    Tuxedo questions--again

    My first posts back in 2005 were about a tuxedo for my son's upcoming wedding. It's gotten a bit tight and worn, even after only a couple of wearings a year. Ravi has done a few nice suits and jackets for me over the years and he'll be close enough to visit in July. Has anything changed in the...
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    Another Slippery Sole Question. Anyone tried these?

    I have a pair of Alden 403s down at the heels and lots of snow and ice outside. I see where Vibram has a couple of fairly new sole compounds that might answer, either on my Aldens or a cheaper pair. https://gearjunkie.com/vibram-arctic-grip-sole-for-ice Has anyone tried one of these yet...
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    Pocket Squares for a Lawyer

    My son is an attorney in Washington, DC. My daughter-in-law suggested some new pocket squares might be appropriate for an Xmas gift. He wears the typical attorney suits, when he wears one, and prefers solid colors. My tastes lead to more flashy squares and I don't pay much attention to...
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    Blazer Badge returns

    Saturday night is my Country Club's Memorial Day cocktail party, dress is "country club casual" which for most will be jacket, no tie. I just ran across my late father's club blazer badge from the 1950's and I have a mind to wear it. Most members will have never seen one. I am short and my dear...
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    My CC has a dress code--Mountain Casual, etc.

    BRCC Dress Code Suggestions Casual: Examples for: MEN—Khakis or Good jeans (clean, no holes) Cargo or Bermuda Shorts, Tee shirts (no slogans), Polo shirts, Casual button down shirt and/or Sweater, Loafers, Sneakers or Sandals. WOMEN—Sundresses, Long or Short skirt, Khakis or appropriate jeans...
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    30 Year Jacket

    https://gearpatrol.com/2016/02/29/tom-cridland-30-year-jacket/ Let's see, normal weight gain is 1 pound/year after 40. They don't say how much there is to let out. Having just turned 70, I'd buy one tomorrow if they would assure me I'd still need it 30 years from now. The measurements look a...
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    Free Moth Treatment Saturday

    Once a year, usually, I put the suits and jackets in garment bags and the sweaters in big garbage bags and put them outside. I can usually count on a couple of near zero nights to kill any moth larvae they might be harboring. I'm unsure how long larvae need to freeze to kill them--I've seen 24...
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    George Zimmer as Men's Wearhouse tanks

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    It wasn't gone long--JAB BOG2

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    PSA--JAB Traveller shirts 2 for $69

    For those of us formaldehyde fans, JAB non-irons are on sale today for 2/$69. The WSJ rated them the best non-irons a few years ago and I see little difference in them and my BB and LE non-irons.
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    Say it ain't so, Jos.

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    Today it's buy three get 65% off--within a hair of buy one get two free.
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    Muffy reproofs a Barbour...

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    Fashion Advice THE OLD FARMER'S ALMANAC 2016

    Page 18: For Men, "Black has traditionally not been acceptable for business suits, but there has been a gain in its popularity." --Andy Gilchrist, author, "The Encyclopedia of Men's Clothes." I'm still working my way to the weather for this winter...
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    JAB Trees--Buy one get 1.5

    $10 today--buy 5, ships free. https://www.josbank.com/clothing-care
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    Double golf pants right rear pocket???

    I gave up golf almost 50 years ago and haven't missed it at all. But I find myself drinking wine and playing croquet most Sunday afternoons. Attire is all white. I recently picked up a pair of Izod Golf pants--color is perfect. This afternoon I reached into the right rear pocket and noticed...
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    Shirt laundry cost?

    I have a wife that doesn't mind ironing my must iron shirts. While I've never watched her technique, they always end up neatly pressed. About 60% of my shirts are BB or JAB non-iron and they also come out looking OK. We have a new dry cleaner/laundry and I just picked up a price list. One...