1. Albert

    british George Parr

    Good afternoon. I just wanted to share a few of my fav George Parr clips. To explain the background: it's fictitious interviews between John Bird and John Fortune where one always assumes the personality of George Parr, an important person in public life with various functions. Admiral Sir...
  2. Albert

    british Is Britain really going to the dogs, or is it overplayed by the media?

    Problem IMHO is that the UK doesn't have an industrial core any more (i.e. since it was de-facto dismantled by greedy unions in the 60s). That makes the economy rather vulnerable to the cyclicality of up- and down swings. Quality of the infrastructure is deteriorated accordingly.
  3. Albert

    A little bit of black tie & others (Pics / 140. anniversary of my academic club)

    Thank you! :) Used to grow up in West Berlin - a concrete wilderness, back then. City has really improved since reunification. Thank you - I'm glad that you enjoyed your stay in Berlin! :) The party was indeed upstairs in the Opernpalais. Decor inside is a little too flamboyant for my...
  4. Albert

    Vacation Pics & Quiz

    Thank you! :) I had to give some hints. ;) But it's a funny story, isn't it? Was rather surprised myself, when we sailed into the harbour... Cheers, A.
  5. Albert

    Vacation Pics & Quiz

    Good afternoon! As I have again started messing about with pictures, please allow me to present another set: summer holiday 2008, beginning of July. To make the thing more interesting, here is a little quiz: In which location, do you think, have these pictures been taken? The lucky winner...
  6. Albert

    A little bit of black tie & others (Pics / 140. anniversary of my academic club)

    Good morning! As in the good ol' days, please allow me to share a few pictures of me and my mates with a little focus on dress habits. They originated on the 140. anniversary of my academic club. Have fun. Cheers, A.
  7. Albert

    Where to get velvet slippers in Boston, MA?

    Good morning! Hope you are doing well. I have now arrived in Boston and already feel very much like home in this great country of yours. :) One question to the locals: is it possible to procure a pair of velvet slippers somewhere in this area? I browsed the Brooks Brothers and the Paul Stuart...
  8. Albert

    Recommendation solicited: Boston watch dealers

    Thank you all! Pictures to follow. :) Cheers, A.
  9. Albert

    Recommendation solicited: Boston watch dealers

    Good afternoon! If anyone might have possibly missed me: I am back and online again. :) During summer, I will spend a few weeks in Cambridge, MA and would like to take some advantage of the currently rather favourable Dollar exchange rate. Therefore, I consider to inspect and buy maybe one...
  10. Albert

    Esquire: The Seven Totalitarian World Wonders

    From the latest online edition of the Esquire. Not for the faint-hearted: Seven Totalitarian Wonders Cheers, A.
  11. Albert

    My Space suicide

    O dear. Not having been here for two months, I must have missed the beginning of a wonderful friendship...
  12. Albert

    If you're standing next to her....

    Teach, I quite agree. On a side note: if you ever manage to fold a quintuple negation into a sentence as naturally as that, I will take the liberty to extend to you the all-time award for masterly confusion of non-native speakers; it includes amongst others an invitation to my favourite...
  13. Albert

    Wearing hats

    I am considering to wear a Homburg once and again, with a rather narrow brim. Still debating - after all, I'm just 26 years old...
  14. Albert

    Have your daughters read this:

    Love that site! Well done, sir. Whose round is it?
  15. Albert

    My Space suicide

    I second that. Adult people deliberately messing around with the emotions of a mentally unstable fourteen-year old girl to the point of suicide should be charged with murder. Especially if done in such a nasty and insusceptible way. It's incomprehensible for me why there hadn't been any...
  16. Albert

    Santa Can't say Ho Ho Ho

    Can't believe the news but love the discussion. What's the actual punishment for digression? Public flogging?
  17. Albert

    Hey, TMMKC got his GRAND on!

    Well done, sir. Whose round is it?
  18. Albert

    If you're standing next to her....

    plus one
  19. Albert

    british "Bob's Your Uncle"

    Someone mentioning my mother in the typical London local would be a sure ticket to a decent pub brawl...