1. Albert

    british George Parr

    Good afternoon. I just wanted to share a few of my fav George Parr clips. To explain the background: it's fictitious interviews between John Bird and John Fortune where one always assumes the personality of George Parr, an important person in public life with various functions. Admiral Sir...
  2. Albert

    Vacation Pics & Quiz

    Good afternoon! As I have again started messing about with pictures, please allow me to present another set: summer holiday 2008, beginning of July. To make the thing more interesting, here is a little quiz: In which location, do you think, have these pictures been taken? The lucky winner...
  3. Albert

    A little bit of black tie & others (Pics / 140. anniversary of my academic club)

    Good morning! As in the good ol' days, please allow me to share a few pictures of me and my mates with a little focus on dress habits. They originated on the 140. anniversary of my academic club. Have fun. Cheers, A.
  4. Albert

    Where to get velvet slippers in Boston, MA?

    Good morning! Hope you are doing well. I have now arrived in Boston and already feel very much like home in this great country of yours. :) One question to the locals: is it possible to procure a pair of velvet slippers somewhere in this area? I browsed the Brooks Brothers and the Paul Stuart...
  5. Albert

    Recommendation solicited: Boston watch dealers

    Good afternoon! If anyone might have possibly missed me: I am back and online again. :) During summer, I will spend a few weeks in Cambridge, MA and would like to take some advantage of the currently rather favourable Dollar exchange rate. Therefore, I consider to inspect and buy maybe one...
  6. Albert

    Esquire: The Seven Totalitarian World Wonders

    From the latest online edition of the Esquire. Not for the faint-hearted: Seven Totalitarian Wonders Cheers, A.
  7. Albert

    PICTORIAL: Getting Smashed With Panache

    Good evening. To instigate civilized values in the public space and demonstrate the precious beauty of traditional decorum and dress, a few friends also present on this forum and me set out on an old-fashioned afternoon of diversion and entertainment. The location we chose was in t'south (in...
  8. Albert

    Taser Incident at Kerry Debate (University of Florida)

    Sorry, any opinions on the Andrew Meyer incident? I just watched the footage and am a bit speechless as we allow any crackpot to voice his opinion in Europe. Cheers, A.
  9. Albert

    Tories open prayer room for Ramadan

    Good morning! Another interesting development in David Cameron's Conservative party: in their upcoming Blackpool party conference, they have announced that they will provide a prayer room for Ramadan as well as food for fast breaking. The full press statement can be found here. Cheers, A.
  10. Albert

    German Treasury: advertising clip with slight horror elements

    Good morning! Another fine story from the great world of politics (they seem to be all going crackers right now). At the moment, the German Federal Treasury pursues a rigid policy of reducing the government deficit. In order to promote this policy, this week they have issued the following...
  11. Albert

    Tories to Ban Plasma TVs in Britain

    Good evening. I have got news for your from the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. I first thought it to be a rather sordid joke when reading it, but apparently it seems to be true: (Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2007420012,00.html) I especially like the last...
  12. Albert

    Census Bureau: 37 Million American citizens live in poverty

    Thanks for your attention. Although I really don't want to stir a controversy, I just thought it might be interesting to have a thought about this number from the annual report on poverty in America. In short, the average impoverished citizen has the following properties: In short...
  13. Albert

    british Opinion: "Vanishing England"

    Good afternoon. In one of my favourite blogs, I recently found a link to this article, which is the opinion of some American about the effects of immigration on Britain. As a temporary resident who is mostly contained to his office and the nicer areas of Central London, I would be interested...
  14. Albert

    Short films featuring 50's style and spirit (links inside)

    Dear all, I just recently found a few short movies on the Internet in which you might be interested as they feature quite a bit of Truman / Eisenhower period style and spirit. - Aboard the Lockheed Constellation (c. 1952) - Part 1 - Part 2: needs quite a high volume to understand anything...
  15. Albert

    Button change job in London

    Good morning. I just got a beautiful sports coat from my Indian tailor, but there is only one problem: it occured to me that it might look much better with leather buttons instead of the horn buttons currently on there. Would anyone of you have a recommendation where to go in Central London...
  16. Albert

    Holiday Pics: Channel Islands (on Doc Damage's suggestion)

    Dear gentlemen, As Doc Damage mentioned in a recent post you might as well have enjoyed my holiday pics which I (of course) put into our nice little Brits forum. Please enjoy a few impressions from the old world and don't be too harsh with a poor little anglophile. :)...
  17. Albert

    Andrea Fenzi Knitwear

    Good morning. May I enquire whether any of you has ever heard of Andrea Fenzi knitwear or even owns one of their sweaters? (forum search didn't yield any meaningful results) They are currently advertised by a German outfitter, but I am not sure whether it's overpriced or not... (€250 for...
  18. Albert

    Trousers that touch the floor (??!)

    Good afternoon. This morning, I went to an alterations tailor / dry cleaner to get some trousers hemmed that I ordered from Pakeman Catto & Carter with unfinished legs. When the tailor first stitched the trousers I wasn't sure whether she (a) expected me to grow by one or two feet within the...
  19. Albert

    Considering Swaine Adeney briefcase: is it worth it?

    Chaps, I am currently considering to buy a Swaine Adeney Brigg wrap-around document case. In particular, it will be this one in Havana (i.e. dark brown): Now, I am able to afford it but I already have a topframe briefcase I am reasonably happy with. Going rate is around...
  20. Albert

    Pointer: Holiday Pics! Channel Islands.

    Dear all, As some of you might not look into the Brits forum, please find FYI a link to a few holiday pics from the Channel Islands: https://askandyaboutclothes.com/community/showthread.php?p=591049. All the best, A.