1. mhj

    Madras Summer Shirt

    J. Crew Madras - XL slim fit, long sleeves NWOT, excellent condition. Asking $25, buyer pays shipping or best offer.
  2. mhj

    Is it trad to wear a black face mask?

    Seriously, my wife brought one home from me. She said the only other choice was pink so I think this was the better choice although I do wear pink OCBDs.
  3. mhj

    New Price - BB Blue University Stripe OCBD - 17/34 Regent

    Nearly new, it fits me a bit too slim. Worn only a couple of times. Has chest pocket, I can send more pictures but I think everyone here knows what it looks like. Asking $45 > $40 including shipping to the CONUS.
  4. mhj

    Bills Khakis Weathered Canvas Pants

    I inadvertently purchased a pair in an online transaction thinking they were like the original twill. For those who are not familar with them, they are pretty much what the name sounds like, a course fabric similar to what a tent is made of in the M2 model of Bills Khakis. My question is how...
  5. mhj

    sold Ben Silver Shetland Crew-neck Sweater-Wheat Color XL-Price drop

    Excellent used condition, no holes, no smells. Currently retails for $195 on Ben Silver website, asking $75 $50 or best offer. Free shipping to the CONUS.
  6. mhj

    Is liquid shoe polish ever acceptable?

    I took my McNeils into my local cobbler for new heels last week. It always seemed to be a first rate shop, there's a sign in the window that they are authorized by Alden to repair their shoes. When I picked them up I noticed that they were polished with liquid polish by the streaks on them. Not...
  7. mhj

    Shirts, Shirts, Shirts - Size 17/34

    Cross posted from Trad Thirft Store Blue Lands End Hyde Park OCBD From the olden days before they shortened the collars 1 blue and 1 white (it is a standard white, looks ecru in the photo) Jos Bank OCBD Also with great collar rolls All new, never worn, some still in plastic bags. Prefer to...
  8. mhj

    On the lookout for a solid Navy seersucker suit

    Since I saw someone wear last year I've wanted to get one myself. I know that I'm getting an early start for the season but I can't find anything online either retail or eBay. Anyone have a clue who carries them at a reasonable price (~$500 or <)?
  9. mhj

    Chomexcel Care Question

    I have a pair of AE Higgins Mills boots. My part of the world is very snowy and salty this time of year and they are a real mess by the end of the day. They need a good cleaning on a daily basis and I've been alternating been AE Leather Lotion which AE recommends and Venetian Shoe Creme which...
  10. mhj

    PSA: Deal on Venitian Shoe Balm on Massdrop

    3 pack for $24.99 https://dro.ps/b/OQf1KJb/l
  11. mhj

    Light weight white dress shirt

    Any advice on a cool, light weight white dress shirt for summer? It should be something that can be worn with a suit. Last year a bought a seersucker shirt but it didn't look right with a suit.
  12. mhj

    Broken Barbour Zipper

    On my Border coat something happened to the zipper where the the two prongs on the end won't go into the thing at the bottom (sorry, my zipper vocabulary isn't very extensive). Any ideas on fixing it other than sending it to Barbour?
  13. mhj

    Would you exchange these?

    I received a pair of Higgins Mill boots from the Shoebank today. On one of the boots there is a depression about the size of a quarter. It's not terribly noticeable but the area is weak when you press on it. Sending a picture wouldn't help much, the have to feel it to appreciate what the problem...
  14. mhj

    Anyone have experience with Thursday Boots

    I'm starting to think about a new pair of boots for winter. Thursday Boots (www.thursdayboots.com) seem to have all of the points I'm looking for, they are appropriate for work, suitable for winter weather, reasonably priced and the toe is not bulbous. The reviews I've seen on line are generally...
  15. mhj

    Bills Khakis for $30-40

    https://ivyinspired.tumblr.com/post/138589484443/bills-khakis-jackpot-as-some-of-you-may-know Very limited selection of sizes but if yours is available it is a real jackpot.
  16. mhj

    Interesting NYT Article on Dressing Well

  17. mhj

    Interesting find: LL Bean LWB

  18. mhj

    New Lands End Catalog

    The new Lands End Men's Catalog came in today's mail and for the first time in years there are things that I would actually wear and maybe even purchase. The sport jackets and ties are really nice. There are some great shirt patterns but it looks like they still have the short collar issue.
  19. mhj

    Anyone know anything about Izod Madison Chinos

    I ordered a pair of the $16 chinos at STP in navy because I bought a pair in olive last year and I am quite happy with them, they were labeled with a different brand. I wanted to see some opinions on the Izod's before I wash and alter the cuffs. They came out to $12 with discounts.
  20. mhj

    LL Bean Store Coming to Cleveland

    Fellow Northeast Ohioans, I just read in Crain's that LL Bean will be opening a store at Legacy Village in Lyndhurst soon. This is great news for me, it's within walking distance of home. I may have to get a second job :rock: