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    New Three Button Sack Suit

    Hello. It's been a while since I've visited. I hope everyone is well. For the first time in a long time I'm in the market for a new suit. I am replacing a 35 year old olive green three button sack suit. Any suggestions on what stores to try to find one? It appears that Joe Banks and Brooks...
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    Three Button Sack Suit at Bargain Prices

    Hello. I find myself in need of new suits. I strongly prefer the traditional three button sack suit. Unfortunately the need for a new suit or two comes at an inconvenient time economically. Any leads on where to find such traditional suits at affordable prices? Thanks!
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    Three Button Traditional Suits - Where to Buy?

    Hello. I need to buy some new suits for the fall. I prefer the traditional three button "sack" style - at least I think that's what it's called. JosABank no longer sells them apparently. Other than Brooks Brothers, where else can I find them? Thanks.
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    Inexpensive Dress Pants / Shirts

    Hello. I seem to wear out my dress pants and shirts rather quickly. Can anyone recommend a good source for dress pants and shirts that are decent but inexpensive? Say pants under $50 and shirts under $30? Or does such an outlet just not exist? Thanks.
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    New Rain Coat / Trench Coat

    Hello. I need a new rain coat. I would like to replace the London Fog one I have used for the last 30 years more or less. I am looking for a khaki trench coat style (without the belt). So far Jos A Bank has the closest thing to what I'm looking for...
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    Splitting Shirt Collars

    Of late, three or four of my dress shirt collars have split. Each has split on the part of the collar in the middle just behind the neck. Granted, age, wear and tear all take part of the blame. But so many at more or less the same time. Could something be amiss that I am overlooking? Thanks.
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    London Fog Trench Coat - Khaki, single breast, no belt

    I need to replace my 30+ year old London Fog Trench Coat; however, searching around the internet I cannot find a similar style: single breast, khaki, no belt. Anyone know where I might find one at a reasonable (i.e., lower end) price? From reviewing the London Fog website it appears that they...
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    grooming Switching Razors: Blade to Electric

    I have a heavy beard and enjoy the closeness of shaving with a razor blade. Currently, I use the Fusion by Gilette. For various reasons, I am thinking of switching to an electric razor. I know little about them except that when I used them in the past they provided nowhere near the close shave I...
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    Jos A Bank Sale and Sales in General

    Jos A Bank is running another one of their non-stop sales events. I need some new basics: shirts, sockes, etc., but not necessarily right now. Do you think there will be better sales after Christmas? (I know. Silly question.)
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    Decent, Inexpensive Formal Shoes

    Can anyone recommend a source from which to purchase a decent, but inexpensive, pair of formal shoes? Lace ups not slip ons. Thanks.
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    How to Pack Suit Jacket

    Okay. I'll admit it. I've never really known how to pack a suit jacket. Any tips?
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    Bass Dirty Bucks in Manhattan?

    When I was younger, I wore Bass Dirty Bucks all the time. Now, I would like to try them again. Does anyone know if they can be found for sale in Manhattan? Thanks.
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    New Raincoat

    Hello again. I need a new rain coat. My London Fog khaki one is on its last legs after almost 26 years. Lands End has a great khaki coat for $119 but it hits above the knee and, when walking in New York, I need one that is as full length as possible. (I wonder if ordering the tall version would...
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    New Suits?

    For some reason, my suits keep shrinking. Now they've shrunk to the point that when I button the jacket I worry that the button will fly off and put someone's eye out. So off to buy new suits. I prefer three button single vent sack suits. Cost is an issue as always. Jos A Bank is having...
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    Cuffs on Corduroy?

    I have not worn corduroy pants in ages. But they would be handy for the winter so I am thinking about buying a pair or two. That raises the question whether to cuff or not to cuff. I've always heard that one never wears cuffs on corduroy pants. Has anyone else hear this "rule?"
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    Crooked Bow Tie

    Some of my bow ties tend to be crooked and return to being crooked even after I repeatedly straighten them. Any thoughts on what could cause this?
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    Brown Shoes with Dark Suits

    Out and about, I notice men wearing brown shoes with grey or navy suits. Is this okay? I would think that black would be more appropriate for such suits.
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    "Sunday Best?"

    For those of you who are church or synagogue goers, do people in your area still dress up? Do they still wear their "Sunday best?" It seems to me that men in coats and ties and women in dresses or pant suits is, for the most part, a thing of the past except for major days like Christmas and...
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    What's Up With Joseph A Bank?

    What's up with Joseph A Bank? Is it in trouble? I ask because they keep running these buy one get one free ads every day almost. Today it was buy one suit and get two free. That seems odd.
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    Formal Shoes

    I need a new pair of formal shoes to wear with my evening dress / tux. I prefer lace ups. Anyone know where I can get a decent, non-plasticity pair at a good price? Thanks.