1. C

    Searching for a Penny Loafer

    Wondering if anyone knows of a Penny Loafer that has a longer construction. By which I mean, less opening around the foot, covers more of the foot, more length on the top. If anyone knows of a loafer that fits that description, please let me know. Thanks a lot.
  2. Dr.Watson

    Penny Loafer Review Thread

    I am currently, like many others before me, searching for the perfect penny loafer. There is a vast amount of information on weejuns/penny loafers on this forum, but it takes a lot of work to find it all. I thought it would be a helpful move to have it all in one place, for reference, in a...
  3. T

    Penny Loafers

    I know many people consider Alden the gold standard, but what would be the recomendation for a college student on a tighter budget. I know there are tons of makers, which is the best quality for the money, or is it a personal thing? Thanks for any help/advice.
  4. B

    Penny loafers: with or without pennies?

    I wore my new Weejuns to work this past week and almost everyone asked why I didn't have pennies in them! What is "proper"?
  5. Zinc2005

    Pennies in Penny Loafers?

    Do you gents generally put pennies in your loafers? :confused2:
  6. Claybuster

    Pennies In Penny Loafers

    ...dinner, etc. I wanted to get an extra pair to knock around in. So, I went to one of our local thrift stores and picked up a pair of Bass Penny Loafers for $1.98. They are in great condition and I am thinking about putting pennies in them. I will wear them to knock around in. My question...
  7. Nathan Detroit

    Pennies in penny loafers?

    Riding the DC Metro the other day, I saw a fellow who had put pennies in the diamond slits in his penny loafers... Is that a grotesque fox paws, as George Wallace once said, or am I missing something?
  8. N

    Penny Loafer Question

    I am a recent college grad starting a job on Wall Street in the near future. I have been searching for a pair of penny loafers that are dressy enough to wear to work but also suitable to wear on weekends with a pair of shorts. After some research I think I have decided on the following in...
  9. E

    penny loafers

    Hey Trad, I am a preppy guy who likes to wear penny loafers sockless with jeans, chinos, and a blazer for a dressier look. Any suggestions for what brand of tassled loafers? Thanks, Ed
  10. E

    penny loafers

    I really like the preppy look- espcially wearing dress penny or tassled loafers without socks- they go great with chinos, jeans, dress shirt and a blazer for a dressier look. Any opinions?
  11. A

    Penny Loafers

    Where does a POOR college student (poor being the operative word) find some penny loafers that aren't hard and stiff like Weejuns, but look halfway decent? I'm looking for something somewhat soft right out of the box.
  12. R

    Sebago Cayman I?

    Hello all, I saw a nice pair of "original Cayman" Sebago loafers for cheap on the 'Bay. I know everyone swears by Cayman II's but what about Cayman I's? Are they acceptable?
  13. mysharona

    When to wear "Weejuns" (penny loafers)

    I just purchased a wardrobe staple for the first time in years. The penny loafer, or Weejun style shoe. I stayed away from Bass and upped the ante to a pair from Geox, as I like the idea of breathability in a loafer that may sometimes be worn sockless. I guess what I'm asking here is... how...
  14. Sweetness

    Bit Loafer vs. Penny Loafer

    If you had to choose one shoe for casual "loafing" around town, which would it be?
  15. M6Classic

    Ever Put A Penny In A Penny Loafer?

    I for one never have, not even when I was in high school so many years ago. Anyone here who used to do it? Anyone here who still does? :o Buzz
  16. M

    Penny Loafer Styles

    Greetings. What are the various types of penny loafers (Venetians obviously not included)? So far, I count: Beefroll Non-beefroll - Flatstrap - Pinch - Weltline Any others I'm missing? And are there any loafers that have the strap without the cutout for the so-called penny? Thanks. Peace...
  17. L

    Affordable, quality penny loafers

    Does such a thing exist or is that wishful thinking?
  18. P

    Medium to inexpensive penny loafers

    Hey all, Pretty new to the penny loafer game - looking for a nice, medium to inexpensive penny loafer, anywhere from $100 to $200, maybe $250. Something to wear with khakis and cords and flannels, maybe a suit if I had to. Any recommendations?
  19. D

    Penny Loafer Color Choice

    My other post lost steam on the second question so I will put it out again. I am looking for opinions on versatility of these 2 colors. I want them for summer wear with lighter colored trousers (white, cream, light yellow, blue and pink) Also would pair with SC's as well..also on the lighter...
  20. RichardSergeant

    Best cheap penny loafers?

    I'm looking for a pair of penny loafers but I'm on a budget due to the evil taxman last month. Is there anything worth buying that's less than $100? I don't think I could wear used shoes though.