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    A fat gut, why now?

    I don't really have any family elders to ask this of. A few years back, I lost 95 lbs, happy. down to a 38 jacket, 34" waist. Last Christmas I wore flannels, tie and cardigan to my doctors. a month later I bought, on line, navy flannels and no way they would fit, off by 4-5". Fat Gut...
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    Anderson Little Herringbone tweed jacket.

    This is an ebay purchase. the only Anderson Little ad I have is for the Navy blazers. Just curious is this is older than I thought.
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    Brooks Bros Brookease Navy suit 40-short

    I have been waiting for a Navy that fit for years, on ebay. This came up. I realize Brookease is less than entry level suiting. I am retired on Medicare. this is only for a occasional Funeral/Wedding. Get it tailored, shirt, tie, braces. maybe?
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    What style are my Allen Edmonds?

    I picked up some loafers off of the 'bay. when I put the '3764' & 34841' into A&E, 149 loafers come back. these have the same full rubber sole like my Wilbert's and similar red mahogany colour. Any way to search for these? thanks
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    Buying some A&E loafers on the bay

    The number inside is 3764 and 34841. If I put that in at A&E, it shows boots and belts. If I go '3764 Loafer' it comes back with 149 penny loafers. why wouldn't the model number work?
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    Mexican McDonald's Ad?

    what is with these Mexican McDonald's add popping up all the time??
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    Home HVAC service

    Finally had service come out and recharge my home AC. Old style R-22 Freon was $225 a pound today. Last few 100+F days were fun. anyone had their systems replaced lately?? Tech's rough estimate was $5000+ (about what we are saving up for an exterior paint job).
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    Level 2 Evacuation Notice

    This is good practice to quickly pack things. Marriage and Birth certificates fit in laptop bag nicely. Too bad I do not have mini bottles of Merlot to stash everywhere. Major bags were already packed and ready to go.
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    Brooks Gate shirt

    I got this off of ebay. I went to BB site and nothing comes up but suits. What do I have?? Looks like a nice button down collar nice-casual shirt. thanks
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    Amazon practices

    Amazon is great for reviews and their Prime TV Stick. But they can't even tell you where products are coming from? Ebay has to list the sellers State. I bought 2 orders of face masks, and they are no where to be found. Now Amazon says they might be lost. Seller insists they are shipped...
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    Slim cut?

    I came down from 250 to 166 now. 39 chest, 34 waist. 5-8 to 5-7. I didn't think that 'slim' would work for me with my 66 yr old stomach. Just got a Banana Republic slim fit linen shirt (M) and it fits fine. May try a dress shirt next (15.5 x 33). Been meaning to try a BB Regent slim as...
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    Tie Bar order

    I placed an order with Tie Bar, Masks, PS and shoelaces to get free shipping. They gave me a late June ship date??? (the Masks were is stock). ??
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    slim trousers??

    I grabbed some Italian cords off of ebay. Size 50/34 waist . The leg opening is 8", smallest of all my cotton trousers. (I'm 66 soon). I'm 160 lbs, 5-7. Should I call these slim cut? maybe not for me, lucky to have my Nephew's son my waist size.
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    lose weight, gain weight

    I was happy to lose 90+ pounds, but had to go out get a whole wardrobe. 38-R with lots of alterations. After 2 suits, too many sport coats (for a mid 60's retired guy), my doctor said I shrunk 1 1/2", now a 38-S with minor or none alterations. 34", waist, so most suits did not fit. Lucky to...
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    UPS lost?

    I got the email saying my UPS package (ebay purchase) was delivered. NOT. I contacted UPS and asked for help/email about it. I contacted the ebay seller. Small package of supplements. Next package is a wool suit, hope I have better luck. anything else I can do???
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    Allen Edmonds 1951 Wilbert Brown polish?

    I just got these and the leather doesn't look pure brown. Hit is with Renovateur. Maybe Medium Brown Saphir polish? Great casual shoes for my walks. Even AE page's, look medium /dark Brown.
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    How does Indochina work?

    I saved things into the shopping bag, never does it ask for sizes????
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    Blue Grenadine

    I do not have ties by these guys, Chippe--$59.06, or Ben silver--$39.99. Would it be better to spend a few bucks, or save a few?? thanks all. (these are on ebay)
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    A little project

    finished this week. I bought 3/4" brass knobs to add to my basic shoe trees. Turned out well, even though I didn't want to drill up from under the heel. Most of these are 3 for 1 Banks.
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    Starting Medicare very soon

    I am starting Medicare next month. already the $135 seems like a lot. Advantage or traditional plans? Friends have commented from California, but now I see the Oregon, where I am located, seems different. I am decent health and weight, parents lived to 90's, and only one generic med...