1. John M

    Gray cotton twill trousers/chinos

    This seems to be impossible and keep in mind I am not looking for wool or cotton gabardine. I am looking for 100% cotton twill chinos. I almost went the route of having them custom made by Gitman ($180) but now the option for that leads to a 404 page. I see Ralph Lauren has them in a slim fit...
  2. John M

    Merino Wool Shirts?

    Are they worth going all out for? Should I just stick to basic t-shirts to wear under my button downs?
  3. John M

    Finally, got it right. (O'Connell's)

    I have never had an issue with O'Connell's and have placed several orders with them. The quality of their trousers is top-notch. When I have ordered in the past though, I usually just say hem to a 30" inseam. It was you fine folks that taught me what I am SUPPOSED to say. 1.5" cuff...
  4. John M

    Gitman - Made to Order...

    The few Gitman shirts I own I usually get at a discount either on eBay or somewhere else. I think I may have gotten one on sale from their website but I want to know if anyone has tried their made to order and were they happy with it?
  5. John M

    Outseam measurement

    I own a few different pairs and brands of chinos. When I order my next pair from O'Connell's, I am trying to figure out the outseam vs. the inseam. I wear my chinos with sneakers since where I work is not a business or even business casual environment so they are not resting on oxford shoes...
  6. John M

    Nat Sherman cigars and cigarettes

    Since cigars and drinks are in the description of this forum, I was curious if anyone is connoisseur of Nat Sherman products and if they have a favorite and how do they stack up with other cigars that might be favorites?
  7. John M

    What is a good kind of fairly inexpensive watch?

    I can always find something I like on eBay but I need sort of a lead from you fine folks. I don't want something that looks too expensive and isn't expensive but also don't want something that looks too cheap. Is around $150 doable? Thanks.
  8. John M

    Hemming observation about O'Connell's

    First off, I love O'Connell's trousers and the fact of them being USA made AND using a hook and eye closure vs. a traditional button. However, in noticing how my pants are hemmed... it looks rushed I guess? It's even but I see the needle marks vs. a finished seem. I get that I may be too picky...
  9. John M

    High Bar Shirt: The Review

    Prior to ordering one, I figure I ask here but didn't quite get a response so I just took a chance. I like them a lot. I ended up going with a 17.5" neck, 36" sleeve, and a slim fit which surprised me that it was just right and not too tight. I would say more tailored than a Gitman Bros/Vintage...
  10. John M

    Forest green chinos...

    So I am going to be making some purchases from O'Connell's over the next few months and their Forest Green trousers have me intrigued but I am wondering what I can wear that will make them work. I have seen black, gray, and navy as examples but I want some input from members here also. Thanks.
  11. John M

    Peacoat with one set of buttons?

    I am looking for a peacoat that has only one set of buttons that goes down the center. Most peacoats I see have two sets of buttons. Am I even looking for a peacoat? Should I be looking for something else?
  12. John M

    Best Fashion Channels on YouTube...

    Honestly, my favorite right now is the Gentleman's Gazette. Others that I have watched seem to just shill for sponsors even though they are decent in their own right. Some include real men real style, teaching men's fashion, and alpha male. Who do you like?
  13. John M

    100% cotton casual trousers...

    So I am going to stop being so narrow minded (as I was with a previous topic I made) with the completely USA made thing. I am wondering what can people here recommend in terms of casual trousers out there. I know about O'Connell's and All American Khakis. I thought I was good with getting a...
  14. John M

    Tailoring of pants...

    So I went to a local tailor today which has good reviews. I was not disappointed when I went although I have a few issues (not with them) that I figure I bring up here. I usually wear relaxed fit pants (jeans in the past) which suits me fine except I have a lot of room in the leg area. The...
  15. John M

    Has anyone ordered from Jack Donnelly lately?

    I periodically check in with Gregg to get any updates on colors and such, but I haven't heard back in a few months. The site is still up, but I didn't want to order anything from there if operations were down. Thanks if anyone knows anything.
  16. John M

    Porsche Carreras

    So I wanted to know what people here know if anything about Porsche Carrera shades. The reason that I have gained an interest in them is because they were the choice of eyewear for Ric Flair and Gino Hernandez in the 1980s. They were two pro wrestlers who basically lived the lifestyle of...
  17. John M

    Best button down shirts overall...

    I have picked up some great Gitman Bros and Gitman Vintage off of eBay. I am also fond of Bills Khakis and have found a few nice shirts from there too. What other brands should I be paying attention to? I will be a bit more open and say these do not have to be USA made necessarily but I would...
  18. John M

    Great button-down shirt brands?

    "He created another thread?" Anyway, I wanted to know what great shirt brands I might be missing out on. I have a few shirts from Gitman, Bills Khakis, Portuguese Flannel, the former 1791 which I miss, Over Under Clothing, and Pladra to name a few. I also look for vintage stuff from Five...
  19. John M

    Giza cotton

    So I started seeing commercials for the MyPillow Giza Sheets. I am curious on Giza. Apparently it is a specific type of Egyptian cotton and it only grows in one specific area similar to USA grown supima cotton. Both are extra long staple cotton but what else can be said?
  20. John M

    Washing your clothes

    So usually when I wash my clothes, I tend to use warm or hot water (warm usually) and dry on high heat. I also usually use Tide unscented. Most of time if ever, I rarely have issues with damage to my clothes or shrinkage. Some of the cheaper shirts I have do pill easily but I attribute that to...