1. maximar

    Shell Cordovan Shoe Rescue

    I Bought a pair of brand new pair of shells on Feebay. It seems that the seller used liquid polish or the one that comes in a square sponge quick shine. Does anyone have any idea on how to get of it? Thanks in advance gents!
  2. maximar


    These are brand new 9ee. Only tried on but never worn outside. The sale includes orig. box and shoe bags. These are way better than the park avenue in quality and overall shape. Very sexy shape. I know because I have park avenues too. I wear AE 8.5ee/eee on the 5 last. The price includes...
  3. maximar

    PSA- BB and PRL outlets are 50% off till 3am for anyone still awake.

    Am at the outlet today and I was told that this goes to every outlet.
  4. maximar

    Alden Ravello for $24 on EBay!!!

    I was shocked. Is this a real bargain?! Enjoy! https://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?itemId=170947249469&index=0&nav=SEARCH&nid=74368359403
  5. maximar

    Alden LHS 986/987s AE cousin?

    The long awaited clone is here. Should Alden be alarmed? Anyone have any reviews?
  6. maximar

    PSA- Deals at Alden SF

    :icon_scratch: What happened here?
  7. maximar

    Vest best

    Anyone knows a place to get vests? AE tweeds are sold out on my size! Thanks!
  8. maximar

    AE and the San Francisco Bay Area

    I just moved to Northern California. I don't know if this was asked before. I searched the forum with no results. I noticed that a lot of AE shoe model names are towns here in NorCal. Anyone care to enlighten? Uncle Mac, I think I have an idea on why your forum name is McArthur.
  9. maximar

    ElizaB. Leatherman belts 25% off + free shipping!!!

    Enjoy guys! Discount code: TENT2011 don't forget to share pics for the boys!
  10. maximar

    Alden black shell LWB

    Quick question for Alden experts: I just purchased a pair of black lwbs. I knew there was something different about them. This morning while admiring them and drinking my coffee, I noticed that the lining they used is brown/tan instead of the usual grayish white. I remember my old pair a few...
  11. maximar

    Gitman Bros. Factory Outlet?

    Does anyone know? Thanks in advance
  12. maximar

    Some Aldens and Quoddys for 30% off

    Check out the winnperry website. The discount code is there too.
  13. maximar

    PSA: Some Aldens and Quoddys for 30% off

    Check out winnperry.com they still have a few left.
  14. maximar

    Alden Experts!? - Barrie Last with Trubalance Heel?

    Do you know who make this combo? The heel looks like this:
  15. maximar

    Peter Blair- $10 summer tie sale!

    Just got the email. Check out their huge selection of summer ties for $10! https://www.peter-blair.com/sales-and-seasonals/summer-blow-out-sale.html?limit=all
  16. maximar

    AE Tent sale

    Did anyone get anything?
  17. maximar

    J. Press Sale

    Just got the notice: JUNE PRIVATE SALE Starts June 10TH Use promo code: PSJUN11
  18. maximar

    Do you know what you want when you get your pants done? LBJ sure does.

    Check this out guys and enjoy whatever is left of your weekend: https://vimeo.com/18864216
  19. maximar

    Stop the thrifting, RRL has gunboats!

    We may have a competition or a buyer. RRL is selling these: Anyone knows how much they sell them for?
  20. maximar

    PSA: Alden clearance at Carmel

    Have you guys checked-out Alden of Carmel clearance? The prices are lower than seconds: https://www.alden-of-carmel.com/index.cfm/Shoes-Brown_Wing_Tip_232.htm