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    Suede loafer recommendation

    I'm in love with these, save for the bow: https://www.velasca.com/collections/belgian-loafers/products/ciappacan-ts Any recommendations on an alternative in a similar style and similar color, with the traditional Belgian loafer mini tassle and not a bow?
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    A microbrand watch

    Evant Decodiver. It's a microbrand. 300m water resistance, ETA 2824 automatic movement, came with a leather strap, suede strap, and a nato. Quality appears to be high for the price, as finishing seems excellent. Bezel is nice and positive but not too tough to turn, indexes (indices?) align...
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    Anyone have a pair of Edward Green Banbury chukkas?

    I can't get rid of my bug to have a pair of super high quality, casual, go-to chukkas for casual wear. My intention would be to get a lot of wear out of them, not baby them, but religiously apply proper care to them. Why? I don't know. Is buying anything expensive ever truly rational? Likely...
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    Is there any hope for these AE Dalton?

    Notice on the right boot the places where it looks like the finish has flaked off. I think this is a defect and happened without my abuse. Notice on the left boot the places where I did similar damage but rubbing it on a chair like a dumbass. I've tried polishing with the matching polish. Tried...
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    Let us discuss watch band colors

    Gentlemen, what are your thoughts on watch band colors? Does a leather band need to match the same general color of your belt/shoes? Does a metal band need to match the same general color of your belt buckle/any rings you wear? I have always cringed a bit at a black leather band with brown...
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    I bought an odd sport coat on a whim

    Was at Off Fifth today, spotted this in the clearance rack. Never heard of the brand before, but I looked the odd look for some reason, and it fit me really well. Paid all of $80. Yes, it's a bit short. No, I don't care. Yes, the sleeves need tailoring
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    Funeral to attend and no suit

    Over the past year or so, I have went from a suit size 46 to 38 (40 if we are talking a slim cut brand like JCrew). Suffice it to say, all my old clothing has been donated. All of it, with the exception of socks and shoes. My uncle, after a long and good life, unfortunately passed away at the...
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    Uniqlo "custom" dress shirts - thumbs up

    I received my Uniqlo Easycase "custom" shirt. Basically, for $30, you get to pick white or blue, regular or slim, broadcloth or pinpoint (which also picks regular or button down collar), body size, neck size, and arm length. There is clearly nothing custom about it, they have just made a larger...
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    Surprisingly good: Uniqlo OCBD and selvedge

    As I posted before, I've recently lost a bunch of weight, with more planned, so consider myself at an intermediate weight that I won't be at long term. However, I have lost enough that nothing I own fits anymore, and I've had to buy new stuff. Since I don't expect to be this size for that long...
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    Oh my. Re: shell chukkas

    https://www.meermin.es/en/catalog/product/view/id/7033/s/10146825500000he-50-101468-shell-cordovan-cigar-e-cigar-cigar/ I already own entirely too many chukkas... But shell..... Must.. resist..
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    Convince me NOT to buy this

    Spring is almost upon us. I've recently lost a bunch of weight, with more in the works, and need an interim sized wardrobe, as a lot of my current stuff is now just too big for me. Since I won't be in this stuff for particularly long, I'm not going full out on cost, and am only buying a limited...
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    Is it just me, or is JPress more "trad"?

    Forgive me ignorance, but I had not actually perused the J Press online site before. I did so recently, and to my surprise, discovered a more limited collection of traditional items, without much influence by the latest silly fads/fashions. When you click on "blazers", the very first item...
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    An interesting trad-ish present ...

    Ignore the mess in the background. My mom sent me an orient Bambino for Christmas. It's an automatic made by what I think is a subsidiary of Seiko. Looks extremely trad to me. Check it out. What say you guys?
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    Trad casual?

    I've been an admirer of "trad" looks for my dress at work for a while, and think I'm doing alright with it. However, I am struggling with trad for casual clothing. Anyone have any suggestions beyond a polo and chinos? I find some of the more youthful prep-style looks to be, well, too youthful...
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    Is it just me, or...

    Do most men wear their pants way too long? Everywhere I go, men with slacks and jeans pooling at their feet in a mess. I don't even like a full break, so this is a real pet peeve of mine, even worse than black square toed slip on rubber soled shoes.
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    Well, how am I supposed to do that...

    I have a business trip to France/Italy upcoming at the end of the month. Five days at different client sites, one day entertaining clients on a sight seeing trip. ... Here's the challenge. I will be traveling with two colleagues. We will be renting cars and driving between some of the sites...