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    Sewing shut the patch pockets on a new sport coat?

    I have just purchased a new sport coat with patch pockets. I never use the pockets of my flap pocket sport coats. Should I sew shut the patch pockets to preserve the shape / lines of the the coat?
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    Monk straps or split toe shoes

    I am looking to buy a pair of shoes to wear with sport jackets (not tweed) and wool dress slacks. Would you suggest a pair of monk straps or split toe shoes?
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    What is a Men's boucle sweater?

    I am considering the purchase of a boucle crewneck sweater but am not familiar with "boucle". Does anyone have any experience with this yarn?
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    PSA: Southwick customers / loyalists

    I was just picking up a pair of trousers at The Andover Shop (at the Andover location) when the manager showed me a shipment of Southwick suits (navy blue and grey) and sport coats that they received from the Southwick factory in Haverhill. Any interested Southwick loyalists should call The...
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    Trousers for navy doeskin blazer

    I am looking to purchase charcoal gray trousers to pair with a recently acquired navy doeskin blazer. I am thinking that flannel will provide just the right texture to accompany the doeskin. My serge charcoal gray trousers look good with my navy hopsack summer blazer but just don't look right...
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    Super 120 serge wool trousers

    I need a pair of trousers for a Spring / Summer sport coat. Am looking at a pair of Super 120 serge wool trousers by Zanella. I am not familiar with the term "serge" wool. Would these trousers be appropriate for Spring and Summer wear in New England?
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    Black cap toe shoes

    I am seeking recommendations for a pair of black cap toe shoes. Budget is $350 to $550. I am retired and the shoes will not be worn frequently (5 to 10 times a year).
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    Dress Sneakers

    Yes, perhaps I have dared mention the unmentionable to many members of this Forum. But I am curious how members feel about this footwear. Are dress sneakers an oxymoron? Is it a fad or here to stay? On what occasions are they appropriate? Would you wear them only casually or also with sport...
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    Can you "uncuff" flannel trousers

    In looking at my wardrobe in anticipation of fall / winter, I noticed that I have 2 pairs of charcoal grey wool trousers with cuffs. Is it possible / advisable to remove the cuffs on one pair? Will the impression of the former cuffs still be visible? Should I just buy another pair and hem them...
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    Footwear with corduroy trousers

    I am retired and living in the Boston suburbs. Would appreciate suggestions for casual footwear to wear with corduroy trousers (tan, brown, navy blue and dark green). I already have good foul weather footwear and am looking for good quality shoes / boots for daily fair weather use around town.
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    Basement clothing storage

    I am retired and am downsizing to a smaller home, which means limited closet space. I may have to store / rotate my wardrobe on a seasonal basis (summer / winter clothes) between bedroom closet and basement. I am concerned about how best to safely store my suits, sport jackets and dress...
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    Dubarry coats

    I am considering purchasing a rain resistant coat ("the Rathmullan") made by a company called Dubarry based in Ireland. Do any forum members have any experience with this company's products?
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    Dark Brown Calfskin or Burgundy (Color 8) Cordovan?

    I am looking to add the first pair of loafers / slip ons to my rotation. They will be Alden Full Strap Slip Ons. Am debating between dark brown calfskin or burgundy (color 8) cordovan. I would appreciate the opinions and / or experiences of fellow Forum members.
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    Do these suede shoes work with casual trousers?

    Are these shoes too formal to pair with chinos and khakis in the summer? Would chukkas be preferable?
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    Crockett & Jones Hallam

    I am looking to add a brown captoe oxford to my rotation. My normal "go to" shoe would have been an Alden. I am looking for a somewhat sleeker last and am attracted to the C&J Hallam. Would appreciate feedback from anyone familiar with C&J and / or the Hallam.
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    Chipp Neckwear

    I just received a grey grenadine tie from Chipp Neckwear. The quality is outstanding! I could not be more pleased with my purchase.
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    Ticket Pocket on a navy blue suit?

    I am in the market for a new navy blue suit. As a retiree, it will be my "go to" suit for many occasions such as weddings, funerals, etc. In looking at the Paul Stuart website, they are showing a very nice navy blue suit but with a ticket pocket. I am hesitant to purchase it as a ticket pocket...
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    Mock turtleneck sweaters; yes or no?

    I am considering the purchase of a mock turtleneck merino wool sweater to pair with a tweed sport coat. Is this a good match or should I stick with full turtlenecks and / or crewneck sweaters with OCBD underneath?
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    Carmina Polo Suede Chukka boots

    I am considering the purchase of a pair of Carmina Polo Suede Chukka boots from Skoaktiebolaget. Would appreciate any comments from forum members with experience with the quality and fit of these shoes. I am a US size 9 and plan to order a UK size 8.
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    Cream colored trousers for summer

    I am thinking of purchasing a pair of cream colored trousers for summer. However, I am stuck as to the proper shoe and belt color combination to best complement the trousers. Your suggestions are very much appreciated.