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    Which Fit for BB Original Polos

    Good Afternoon, everyone I am looking at getting some of the Made in USA original polo's on the BB US site. I'm a 16/34 in Kamakura's New York Fit and the same for Hewes/Curtis's St. James Fit. Atm I'm roughly 5'11 190ish lbs and I have a bit of a gut atm Which would work for me in the BB...
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    Bolton Waxed Jackets?

    Happy New Year's Eve, everybody! I was browsing waxed jackets online and came across these supposedly "Made in England" by a brand called "Bolton" (I assume named after the town in the north). I wondered if anyone knew of these and if I should be wary? Especially given the price? Or are...
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    What Overcoat should I buy?

    Merry Christmas, everyone! It's been a minute since I've posted on here. I'm in the market for a tan/light brown wool-cashmere overcoat. https://www.jcrew.com/c/mens_category/coats_and_jackets...
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    Fit Advice: Clarks No. 16 Longwing?

    I saw this on sale on the Clarks website and decided to pull the trigger. Unlike like most of their stuff this shoe is pretty serious as it's Goodyear welted, made in the USA (although by whom I am unsure), full-grain leather etc. The issue I am having is that when I tried it on wearing dress...
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    Looking for a Classic Penny Loafer

    I am in the market for a classic calf leather penny loafer that is preferably good year welted. I know this might run the gambit, but I am looking for something similar to the AE Cavanaugh (preferably under $400) Thank you in advance for your suggestions! ESB
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    Quality of Herring's Spanish Made Shoes?

    Herring has been putting an increasing number of shoes made in Spain on its website in addition to their English produced ones. I am wondering if anyone can comment on the quality of their Spanish made Goodyear welted offerings. Also, who makes their "made in Spain" shoes? Thank you, ESB
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    Washington DC Area-Inside the Beltway Tailor?

    I have received some items recently that need tailoring (pants/a tux) I am wondering if anyone could recommend a good tailor for the inside of the beltway region of the Washington DC area, specifically in Arlington, Falls Church, or Alexandria? Willing to consider the NW side of Washington DC...
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    Alternative to Barbour’s Jacket Wax?

    It has come time for me to wax my Barbour Beaufort. So I stopped by Barbour’s shop near me and saw that they are charging $20 for a small can of wax for their jackets. Is there a cheaper alternative to their brand of jacket wax? Or is it recommended to use theirs? Thank you, ESB
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    Best Pea Coat? Looking for recommendations

    I am looking at acquiring a classic pea coat, and I am wondering what my best value for money options are if anyone can recommend any? How would this work? Or are there cheaper and better value out there?
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    Where to Find Well Made Turtleneck Sweaters?

    I have been on the hunt (without much success) for some well made and decently priced (below $130) merino wool turtleneck sweaters. I am wondering if anyone could make some suggestions? I prefer something made in Italy if that's helpful!?? Thank you again, ESB
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    Quality of the BB 1818 Line Shoes?

    I know BB recently replaced their AE shoes for their main 1818 line with Made in Italy shoes produced in-house. I was wondering if anyone can comment on the quality of the new 1818 line shoes? Ex. the leather, type of construction, etc? Thank you in Advance! ESB
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    Joesph Abboud Sport Jackets @ Men's Wearhouse?

    I know JA suits sold at Mens Wearhouse are a decent value given that they are half-canvassed and made in the US. However, I was wondering if anyone could comment on the quality of their Joseph Abboud branded sportcoats? I know they all state imported on them and that they appear made...
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    Best Value Boat Shoes?

    Who makes the best money for value boat shoes? I ask as I'm in the market for a new pair since I've had to chuck the Sperry's I've had since high school. Is Sperry's or Sebago still any good? As I've read here and elsewhere that the quality of their product has dramatically declined since I...
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    Where Can I Get a Good Quality "Midtown" Vest

    Hi all, It's been a long time since I've posted, but I'm back! :) I already have the chinos/button down aspect, but where can I get a good quality long-lasting outerwear vest like the ones pictured here? https://www.instagram.com/midtownuniform/?hl=en Thank you in advance! ESB,
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    Bill's Khaki's Fabrics?

    I had a question about the various types of fabrics that Bill's uses to make its trousers. Namely are fabrics other then Poplin or Chamois such as Hampstead Twill, Sierra Twill, Weather Canvas etc meant for year around wear or only for specific seasons? As I am looking at getting a couple of...
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    Going To An Interview At AE/BB

    Good Evening All, I am going to a couple of interviews for a Part-Time Sales Associate position at Allen Edmonds and Brooks Brothers. I was wondering what I should wear to this? It's over the weekends. Also, what should I say during the interview? As for both of these, I was going to wear...
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    Smashed My Raybans :(

    Yesterday when I was out and about with friends in Central London my pair of Rayban Wayfarers fell on the pavement. This resulted in one of the lenses being broken but the rest of it such as the frame etc seems fine. However, it looks like to replace the smashed lense it would cost me £50 at...
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    Who Makes Herring's Trousers and Shorts?

    Does anyone knows who makes the UK made shorts and trousers for Herring? As I wanted to purchase a pair of their shorts but apparently they aren't selling them for this summer. So my question is does anyone knows who makes the UK made shorts and trousers for Herring? Thank you in Advance!
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    Question About Lesser Known Italian Makers

    Here in Britain, on Yoox, and back home in the states I've increasingly come across brands with names like Tagliatore, Herno, or Canterelli all of which are made in Italy? Does anyone have any insight into these? Are they worth buying or not? A shoe store near me is also carrying Italian made...
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    What to Wear for Summertime in the UK?

    I was home in the US for Christmas but I am heading back to the UK for grad school. There is a good chance I'll be there for the summertime and might need formal attire. Should I pack a linen or cotton suit/sport jacket? Or would a typical year round wool suit/jacket work(which I already have...