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    Damage to lining on new Loake boots from sticker removal

    If a little bit of shoe lining dye coming off bothers a consumer, for the next pair he should leave in place the sticker and wear same.
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    Do you feel the horizontal seam in a balmoral shoe for eternity?

    What and where is a "horizontal seam" ? I've never felt/noticed a seam within the interior of any shoe.
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    "Size down 1/2 from your regular size for this last"

    Some feet are easier to fit that others. Some customers are more particular about fit than others. The extra eyelets/laces of boots may help a customers get a better fit than low top footwear can provide.
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    Allen-Edmonds and the Stability Question

    I am just trying to get more information so that I have an understanding. I am not sure what type/style of Aberdeen-lasted boot you are considering. It seems most of Alden's boots are produced using Barrie, Truebalanace, or Grant lasts. If you've tried on and like the fit of a 10B...
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    Allen-Edmonds and the Stability Question

    If I understand you correctly, the one pair of Alden boots you have is a Barrie-lasted 9C (which is too short and too wide ). Also, you think that an Aberdeen-lasted 10B boot from Alden may be a good fit, but you've not tried on a pair of that size?
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    Allen-Edmonds and the Stability Question

    The "year long wait" you wrote of is for a a pair of Aberdeen-lasted , or Plaza-lasted ,Alden boots ? Which model Alden boot do you have now that is "too short" and, or, "too wide"?
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    Allen-Edmonds and the Stability Question

    Which size (s) in the Alden brand are a good fit for you ?
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    Alden Indy boot Neocork sole versus Commando sole

    I agree that Alden's plantation sole makes for an exceptionally comfortable walking shoe. I would like to see Alden bring back to their planation-sole line the Norweigian front All Weather Walker, add a long wing blucher, and add an Indy boot.
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    Alden Indy boot Neocork sole versus Commando sole

    By "wedge sole" do you mean an all rubber lug sole ?
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    Allen-Edmonds and the Stability Question

    Shoes constructed with a steel shank will be more supportive and hold their shape longer than a shoe constructed without a shank. Allen Edmonds shoes and boots are not constructed with a shank. Why not buy an Alden brand boot ?
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    Alden Indy boot Neocork sole versus Commando sole

    That is the type of information I wanted, thanks. It seems several of the current Indy boots, especially the retailer special version models, have the Commando sole. I am not sure if that is because people believe it looks better than the traditional Neocork sole, or that rubber on the bottom...
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    Alden Indy boot Neocork sole versus Commando sole

    Do any of you here own/wear an Alden Indy boot with Neocork sole as well as a pair with the Commando sole ? I have the standard #405 boot w/Neocork sole and like it very much and am curious how the fit/comfort/durability etc... of the Commando sole compares.
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    White leather gloves...?

    To your question my best guess is that white leather gloves might be part of an urban street wear trend.
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    Summer hat + pants and shoes

    For you gentleman who wear straw hats, for travel I find the hard plastic "hat carry case" useful.
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    White leather gloves...?

    The only white leather gloves I've seen were worn by people playing golf.
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    Porsche Carreras

    Randolph Engineering fan here too, and I really like their glass lenses. Very well made product.
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    Hats over a polo?

    With deck shoes I suggest a boat skipper cap, see attached photo. For penny loafers a plain ball cap (no logo) plain flat cap, or straw hat.
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    Dean Martin's Watch (see photos)

    My best guess is that the watch is a one off custom piece designed and produced by a jeweler. I like it, kind of a "functional bracelet" which matches Dean Martin's slick style.
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    Alden... Jacket!?

    Cobb, if you're a student, please know that Alden's business strategy (and company culture) , is extremely rare. Specifically, I don't believe Alden has any interest in expanding its shoe production and, or, significantly growing company revenues etc... Most companies, such as Allen Edmonds, are...