1. guitone

    Which Allen Edmonds boots should I pick? Seeking advice

    Hi all, I’m looking at 2 AE boots. This is a different AE than I know with different lasts. I wear a 9.5 B in fine shoes, some AE lasts in the past did better than others. I like a softer leather, the last AE’s I bought, I think the Black Watch were too stiff and not comfortable for me...
  2. guitone

    Thoughts on the new Allen Edmonds shoes

    I have had many pairs of different style AE shoes. They are from the original company. Any I have tried from the new company I have not kept, just not been happy with fit, leather, etc. while I have sold a few pairs on eBay and given others to charity I still have I still have quite a few...
  3. guitone

    sold Unavailable at this time. Canali 3 season pleated pants, 5 pair NEW PICTURES

    These are all just too big for me as I have lost weight and I am lost in these pants. They have been in my cedar chest for too long and look that way. The waist is 34 but tailored down and can be let out, they are double pleats except for the Tan pair which is single pleat . $50 a pair plus...
  4. guitone

    sold Donating to charity, thanks. 2 Canali pleated winter wool and 1 Palmer of London (store brand) NEW PICTURES

    These are all just too big for me as I have lost weight and I am lost in these pants. They have been in my cedar chest for too long and look that way. The waist is 34 but have been taken in, plenty of room to let out if needed, the Canalis are double pleats and the Palmer is Single Pleats. $50...
  5. guitone

    The mainstream is returning to pleats.

  6. guitone

    Gala mens wool trousers

    Any opinion on these. Single pleats are $220. A shop I have used over the years is bringing a pair in for me to try. I tried the flat front and even though I am thin it is the same old problem, uncomfortable when I sit, the reason I went to pleated pants years ago. My old salesman who I have...
  7. guitone

    Who makes a narrow (B) width loafer with combination heal width?

    Hard to find loafers that fit. Allen Edmonds never seemed to work in their Penny loafers and I want a somewhat full toe box. I have 1 Neil M Rome that works. Lots of clunky ones by many makers. A penny would be fine if not a beef roll. I may get the Neil M in black but have to wear the...
  8. guitone

    Old member, new question. Are pants pleats & cuffs in style?

    Hello all. I have been away from this site for a bit. Car accident, back surgeries, etc. I am retired now and need a bit of tailoring on some dress slacks. My tailor told me pleats and cuffs are no longer in style, my closet full of Canali slacks and suits that survived a moth attack are...
  9. guitone

    sales Laci Baruffin leather briefcase, made in Brazil,wonderful leather, worn look

    I purchased this and used it a few times, it is in as new condition and has a worn finish to the brown leather. It is a very nice briefcase, very soft, good space, handles and strap. AA Price $140 plus shipping, or talk to me if you think this is high. Payment would be paypal. It will be...
  10. guitone

    sales Suits, pants, sport coats For Sale, Canali, HSM

    It is a long story but I have retired due to some health issues (2 back surgeries were the major issues) and these items have had little or no use. Some were not worn at all, some once or twice, pretty much these are as new. I am really not sure how to price these, they have been altered, pants...
  11. guitone

    Where to sell high end like new suits, sport coats and pants, AE shoes

    Hello all, i disappeared after a car accident that put me out of work some yearsxado, maybe 1 or 2 brief visits. Since I am now retired I have some items I will try to sell. I can go to ebay, AA used to have a FS section I thought, maybe that was Style Forum. In any event these items have...
  12. guitone

    Old absentee member, Alden question

    Hello all, been quite awhile since I have posted. I am now retired, was looking, am looking for a good casual shoe. Ordered a Neil M Rome to try, not here yet. Noticed the Alden Moc, and noticed hoe Alden prices has really gone up, up, up in the past few years. So just wondering about that. AE...
  13. guitone

    sales AE Shoes, lightly worn, 9.5 B (Narrow)

    I have at this time 4 pair of AE shoes I am selling on ebay. I would rather sell them here. AA members will not pay the same as ebay. If you want the box with these the shipping will be a bit more as I will have to use a larger box than a Medium Flat rate, but we can talk once I know your zip...
  14. guitone

    AE quality question

    Long time absent, so this question may have been addressed, but please indulge me if you will. I have two new pair of AE's since the new ownership, both seem to me, at least the leather does, that it is not up to the same standard as the older models of AE shoes. I have a loafer and a chucker...
  15. guitone

    Shoe crease questions

    I purchased two pair of fairly inexpensive Cole Haan penny loafers. My 9.5 B width foot is tough to fit and these seemed to work. The mahogany or burgundy is perfect and I wear them, the black however broke in poorly and my right big toe, the crease is deep right under the strip that would hold...
  16. guitone

    A few purchases from my Brasil Trip

    here is a link: https://s60.photobucket.com/albums/h32/guitone/AA%20Brasil/ I did not post the pants I purchased as they are drying now. Nice thing about the pants is that they are not made huge, they are nice and trip, not tight and I was surprised that with my small rear that they fit me...
  17. guitone

    Back from Brasil, I did find things to buy

    In addition to betting my daughter a great many gifts, all made in Brasil, dresses for the beach or summer wear, flip flops, jewelry, etc. I managed to find some items for myself....of course the must buy Havianna flip flops, but then the good stuff, not just the few T shirts as they were just...
  18. guitone

    I was wearing these so I had to order another

    Wore my black, now discontinued Byrons today and thought, these sure are comfortable. I called the VT shop and they actually had two 9.5 B's in stock. Had them look them over and send the best one out in Chili. These 4 lasts are wonderful to my feet. They said the left one had a small crease the...
  19. guitone

    Alden Lasts

    I usually wear the Aberdeen or the Copley, the two more narrow widths in the Alden line...how do the Barrie and Leydon compare? I know they are wider, wonder about length?