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    sold SOLD BB Madison Fit 16.5-35 Ecru

    Brooks Brothers 16.5-35 Madison Fit in very good condition. Worn and laundered maybe twice, if that. Asking $25ppd in USA or best offer. Thanks for looking! https://postimg.cc/gallery/Jj5cd0f
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    Orvis Rugby and Hoggs of Fife Tattersall

    https://ibb.co/0Jg969p Both are size large, orvis is made in USA. Asking $30ppd in USA, or best offer.
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    sold Brooks Brothers flannel and sweater fs

    https://postimg.cc/xJBkTv4t Blue cable knit cotton sweater size XL Flannel size Large and Regent Fit $27ppd as a gift in the USA Please message me with any questions. thanks!
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    sold LL Bean Red & White Seersucker Shirt | Large

    LL Bean red and white seersucker shirt, size large. $15ppd or best offer. Message me for photos. Thanks!
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    sold Brooks Brothers OCBD Red University Stripe

    BB ocbd in USA, regent fit, 16.5-34. $30ppd or best offer. Message me for photos. Thanks!
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    Any experience buying from H. Stockton website?

    I stumbled upon their web store while perusing the web. They have many good looking items on clearance, even a few “made in New England” shirts. Does anyone have experience ordering from them? Are their shirts and polos true classic fit?
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    The "fun" shirt

    Apologies to those who wear these, but I just don't get it. I have noticed a recent influx of them popping up in Instagram pictures lately, presumably because everyone is working from home and not actually going out in public. I suppose if there was ever a time and place to wear these things...
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    Hoggs of Fife, J. Press, Barbour for sale

    A small offering as I clean out my closet. Hoggs of Fife tattersall, brand new, size Large (16-16.5) J. Press blue ocbd, used, size 16.5-34 Barbour quilted jacket, used, size large Please feel free to message me here or on Instagram at wise_bloood with offers. I'd prefer to sell as a lot.
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    BB polos and a sport shirt

    Slim shirts, so my apologies since they are not trad. $30ppd for the three? Or message me offers. Green stripe sport shirt, regent large Navy polo, XL slim (346) Gray polo, XL slim
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    Green bengal stripe

    Hello, I am hoping to get some help in finding a green bengal stripe shirt with a button down collar. I see that Andover shop makes a nice looking one, and I am hoping to find a few other makers. Thanks!
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    Trad Instagram Accounts

    Finally getting on instagram. Can anyone recommend some good trad oriented accounts to follow?
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    long-sleeve polos with banded bottom

    Anyone have good recommendations for this style in 100% cotton? I have a bunch in merino, which seems to be the easiest to come by. However, I'd like a few in cotton too. I have two made by BB that are a silk/cotton blend, and I am considering the lands end option, but lands end has come up...