1. meanoldmanning

    Zonkey Boot MTO

    Anybody here gone through the process? I'm a little weirded out by the requirement for a bank transfer for the deposit, kind of makes my eye twitch. Any experience here?
  2. meanoldmanning

    Another Quick Review - Luxire MTM Trousers

    I'm a glutton for punishment, so I had to find out for myself how good or bad the online MTM experience can be. I opted to start simply, with a pair of heavy wool trousers. First, the Luxire website could stand to be tweaked, but the measurement customization form was actually pretty easy to...
  3. meanoldmanning

    Quick review - Gustin button down

    First, it's a very casual shirt, we'll just get that out of the way right now. That is however what I was looking for. I've become interested in the crowd funded brands, despite the fact that it takes forever to get what you order, but I like the concept. The pricing can be OK, not...
  4. meanoldmanning

    rancourt natural shell LWB...interesting.

    https://www.taylorstitch.com/collections/the-telegraph-collection-spring/products/the-longwing-in-natural-shell-cordovan Not as refined as some of the other favorites on this forum, but also quite a bit less while this campaign is being funded. I know I said I don't generally like the lighter...
  5. meanoldmanning

    Don't try this at home part 3 - more suede

    Actually, try this one if you like. Pretty quick and easy. I picked up a pair of Gobi's in tan, but after a while figured I didn't need such a light chukka as I already have the Alden unlined in the same color. So I broke out the Otter Wax And did this Entirely different look, and...
  6. meanoldmanning

    This is a bargain, right?

    I get color 4 is rare, but wow!
  7. meanoldmanning

    Tricker's treat!

    Tricker's treat! Shell content Sorry, wrong time of year for that play on words... anyway, I've been curious about Tricker's for some time now, being partial to 'country' shoes. While moping around the house, home ill on Wednesday I found an interesting pair of shoes and ordered them. Friday...
  8. meanoldmanning

    Dang it! Damaged tweed

    I was looking for a brown or something-other-than-gray tweed sport coat, but as I don't normally make an excuse to wear one didn't want to shell out much for one. Then I stumbled on this, and in my size to boot. Looked great in the listing, and actually in person too, and fit was perfect...
  9. meanoldmanning

    Don't try this at home - Suede edition

    Sometimes I get a little bored... Last time I wanted to find out what happens when you strip shell, this time I tried my hand at dying suede. Backstory is I 1) wanted to check out Heschung without sinking a ton of money into a pair since I am not familiar with their lasts and 2) I wanted to...
  10. meanoldmanning

    I thought sneakers at work were bad...

    ...until I noticed a coworker wears Wallabees to work every freakin day!
  11. meanoldmanning

    So sick of golf shirts in the office.

    Not all of them, just the tech fabric type. They tend to be so unflattering, especially to out of shape older men. Unfortunately a major brand is a client right now so we are drowning in a sea of tech fabric. Ugh.
  12. meanoldmanning

    Alden Modified and Dainite?

    Simple enough question - any of you Alden fans ever have anything on the Modified last resoled with a Dainite sole? Did the slim curved waist cut into the studs on the sole at all or any other issues? Thanks
  13. meanoldmanning

    What is behind the dislike of jeans?

    The cut? The denim? The concept? Frog mouth pockets. Patch pockets? What is it?
  14. meanoldmanning

    Don't try this at home - stripping shell cordovan

    The short story is I wanted a project and after seeing a thread a month or so ago about maintenance of shell I figured I'd dive into that. With the scope defined I looked for a fairly inexpensive pair of shoes in SC that nobody would consider so precious that I would be drawn and quartered if I...
  15. meanoldmanning

    Paraboot get any love?

    This may wind up being a post with few views in the end but here it is: Paraboot, any fans, any love? I picked up a pair recently and it dawned on me they rarely get a mention on here, or for that matter anywhere. The little I have read they are pretty highly regarded by the reviewers. The...
  16. meanoldmanning

    Black polish on color 8 shell, why???

    I've noticed that on about 3 of the 5 second hand color 8 shell shoes I've picked up, at some point somebody used black polish which seems to have made the color really dark and frankly obscured its beauty to a degree. Have other forum members seen this as well? Is this a popular thing to do for...
  17. meanoldmanning

    is this too much break ;)

    Oh my... I have a hard enough time justifying the price, but then to see the 'break' on them, wow!
  18. meanoldmanning

    a curious thing about the AE tent sale

    I have been eyeballing a pair of cordo AEs on the Shoebank site for a while now, at like $399.00. Then I noticed a month or so ago that the price went up $100.00 to $499.00, right around the time I found out the tent sale was about to happen. Then today, first day of the tent sale I looked and...
  19. meanoldmanning

    Y'all are a corrupting influence

    even though I like and wear low boots and chukkas quiet often I never really considered a dressier option...until I found this forum A little too warm for boots right now, but they just showed up so I figured why not.
  20. meanoldmanning

    C&J for polo shell PTB - what color?

    I just picked these up for far more than a reasonable person would pay for second hand shoes, but they are quite lovely and in very good shape. Now just curious what color shell this is?