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    More Shoe Questions

    How do YOU pick your next shoe or should I ask, how did you decide what shoes to start your collection with? What I have now, be easy: Cole Haan Pinch Air Tassel loafer in Brown Cole Haan Pinch Air Tassel loafer in Black J&M Ellington Leather and Linen Wing Tips in Brown AE Berwick in Burgundy...
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    Job interviews and bow ties

    Should one wear a bow tie to a job interview? What about a preliminary (personality'ish) interview?
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    Just A Men Shoe

    Has anyone heard of this company? Handled any of their shoes? I like a few of their shoes and they are at a decent price point for me. Looking for opinions on them.
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    Ask A Question,Get An Answer: Quick Answers To Quick Questions

    I see this thread in the Trad forum, but I cannot find one in the Fashion Forum. I usually post my questions in that thread, but sometime I have one and not really sure it fits in the Trad section, so maybe we can have a general one here as well? Someone with more experience than me, does this...
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    AE Berwick Help

    I have a pair of AE Berwick's that I received from my father and I would like to actually start caring for my shoes. The info I know: They are on the 7 last. They are not being sold anymore. I think they are Cordovan Leather? They are a burgundy color. The reason I am asking is because I...