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    Sales posts in other than the sales forum

    Ladies and Gentlemen, While it is not really any of my business to say anything about it, one finds the general discussions dominated by sales posts that are not soliciting on topic commentary as one may expect; to wit, does this thing fit or did my money go out the door for nothing worth...
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    Why one seldom posts on this wonderful forum

    Ladies and Gentlemen, As some may know, one has been here and done that, but it is not often that one posts to the fora. There is a simple reason: when one sees that there are several previous responses to a query, it may safely be assumed that the querent's quandary has been sufficiently...
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    JAB 70% off Winter Clearance sale

    Ladies and Gentlemen: In case some are interested, JAB is having a Winter Clearance sale at the moment. 70% off is not bad for some items. Noticed some suits and formal wear at reasonable prices. Just a heads up for the group, rudy
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    sartorialist photo

    OK, (doubt this will work, but it is what it is). Saw this in my browsing and stopped. And I thought of our group here as guests, interested in and appreciative of style. https://images.thesartorialist.com/thumbnails/2012/01/11012Lino_4091Web.jpg This gentleman knows what he is about. One may...
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    Bostonian sale with free shipping

    Gentlemen: Bostonian sent me a notice that they have free ground shipping today only. They currently have a sale underway. Something interesting about their offerings is that several are made in Italy for a relatively low purchase price (apparently; I haven't seen them in person). As an...