1. cmacey

    NY Times: What does proper office attire mean in 2016

    And now I'm sad...although I concern myself with the concept of "competence", the need to look the part of a "competent leader" is a corollary concern. I guess it is the way I was brought up that colors my thinking...
  2. cmacey

    Are you going to the gym, or do you just dress that way ?

    +1; if I need to pop across the street after a workout, or on a day off at home, PT gear it is...for all other occasions, normal street wear, for me.
  3. cmacey

    Khakis, Which are the best ones?

    O'Connells or Bills Khakis for me. I have several of both but find the Bills in M2 fit is better. Had some BBs for a while but found them to lack "endurane" - frayed at the bottom of the legs after a couple months. Since I came to hate ironing and I don't like "non-iron" material (a personal...
  4. cmacey

    Men rings - How to choose? What do you wear?

    +1...college ring or wedding band, for me.
  5. cmacey

    Wanted: affordable wool pants for work

    Take a look at these web sites. Some are pricier than others...O'Connell's and Orvis include tailoring. https://www.jpressonline.com/dress-1/ - running a "promotional" sale right now https://www.bensilver.com/Trousers.html https://www.orvis.com/mens-pants...
  6. cmacey

    Black Chukkas

    Have a look here: https://www.pediwear.co.uk/footwear/chukka-boot/. There are one or two options available...
  7. cmacey

    sport coat and crew neck

    Personally,I would think a turtleneck would look better, but that is just me.
  8. cmacey

    Wearing a polo under a 1/4 zip sweater?

    I wear this combination for outdoor activities (beach, golf, etc.) during the fall and spring. As I only have a couple polo shirts [for these activities] - long sleeves otherwise, I do not normally wear this combination. Personally, I cannot find a reason this combination would be frowned on...
  9. cmacey

    online shirt maker - basic spec mtm

    Contact Proper Cloth -- https://propercloth.com/; they carry the maker, and may carry the specific line...for the particulars relating to your desired fit, take a look at this link --> https://propercloth.com/custom-dress-shirts/
  10. cmacey

    Rounding out a Basic Wardrobe

    There are a lot of quality recommendations here. A suggestion to save you some cash, help you further tease out any holes in your wardrobe, and provide you the opportunity to seize on some of the suggestions: WORK: Winter • COATS: • SCARVES: • HATS: • GLOVES: • SUITS: •...
  11. cmacey

    Southerners and the Tan Loafer

    Having grown up in Montgomery, AL, I wore and can only remember my friends wearing black or oxblood colored pennies; having said this, I was not the most observant back then - girls and sports, you understand...could have been a lot of people wearing tan...these days, I have a pair of tan in my...
  12. cmacey

    Pima cotton sweater dressy?

    For me, cotton is not a winter-worthy material - the old adage cotton kills applies; but, to each his own. My two cents.
  13. cmacey

    Trad Pens: Parker or Sheaffer or ???

    Color me crazy.
  14. cmacey

    iPad/Tablet Cases?

    DODOcase -- https://www.dodocase.com. From $59.95 to $89.95...
  15. cmacey

    I Like Green!

    You'll be paying a lot more than that for an "embarrassing" moment...anyway, it's all relative; shopping around nets the best results, case in point: this option (wool cords) from O'Connell's [for $265] --> https://www.oconnellsclothing.com/product.php?productid=19327&cat=954&page=1 as compared...
  16. cmacey

    I Like Green!

    Have a pair of Britches of Georgetown green flannel trousers I've had since the late 80's. Wear them every winter with blue OCBDs, checks, etc., and they still look like new.
  17. cmacey

    Plaid/Checked shirts

    Although I do agree the patterned tie makes the ensemble look too busy, I think a solid tie would work just fine; But, that's just me...
  18. cmacey

    when do I put trees in shoes?

    This is pretty much how I do it.
  19. cmacey

    Brooks Brothers to Open Steak House in 2014

    LOVE the store, HATE this idea! May it be a very bad joke!
  20. cmacey

    Recommendations for Washignton, DC Alterations?

    Earlier this year, I had three of my BB suits tailored at the Chevy Chase BB for around $180.00, total (I believe that included tax too). These were for a fair bit of work to reduce the shoulders - doctor told me to stop lifting heavy weights [and I wisely complied; seems we can't stay young...