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    Orvis Traveler's Blazer

    The Orvis travel blazer (hopsack) is not as nice as a J Press flannel - it isn't meant to be. It comes out of a duffel bag or carry-on without winkles, and looks good enough for travel wear
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    Buying Nantucket Reds

    Regardless where you get them (Murray's is preferred) they are not going to be presentable until they've been washed a few dozen times. Soaked in salt water and dried in the sun is even better, but that takes longer.
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    suggestions for a trad-ish chino blazer???

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    Trad meets rowing

    Where's the dolphin?
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    Starting an internship on the 27th what do I wear for a political campaign?

    CMDC is exactly right - khakis and a white or blue shirt. Campaign staff are expected to look exhausted and rumpled. Keep a blazer around for events. If you decide to buy a suit, try to find one with two pair of pants - you'll be spending a lot of time on your knees.