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    Tan Chords

    How about the "Blues."
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    Bills has a new wrinkle

    Good to know. Thank you.
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    Thrift store blues & brags

    I bought a W&G safari jacket new years ago. Wear it as a travel jacket. Love the pockets.
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    Quality Dress Gloves

    Take a look at Dents: https://www.dentsgloves.com/us/mens-gloves/5-9001-mens-cashmere-lined-leather-gloves/
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    It's TWEED Season!

    I think that Ben Silver has one or more in the latest catalog.
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    Tan Chords Club

    I often wear a suede jacket with cords, and all sorts of sweaters work too.
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    It's TWEED Season!

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    PSA Bahle’s Sale

    Thank you, TK167. I ordered a Beaufort and two pair of trousers.
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    Boots for heavy rain

    I have had great success with Bean's 6 inch boot for around town wear. Their website will give sizing information~I think that they go down a full size. I wear Le Chameau for hunting, and they are tops.
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    british Demise of the Land Rover Defender

    Sarge, we were in Namibia three years ago, and there were Rovers, the vehicle, everywhere.
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    Handmade Italian women's gloves- looking for company mentioned in forum

    Glad that you were able to rediscover Madova. Have purchased their wares and found, like you, that they are a first rate glover.
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    Is anyone else having this problem?

    You will , no doubt, get a ransom request in the near future.
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    ...and I have my two new tweed sport coats that I purchased from Kevin and Howlin this summer :icon_hailthee:
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    End of Bills Khakis

    That is great news. Thank you for the post.
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    AskAndy Event John Helmer Haberdasher PHOTOS

    Looks like a terrific shop. Wonderful hat that Sarge is sporting.
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    Shoemaker in Dublin?

    Sarge, I think that you will find Kevin and Howlin well worth your time. I'm just back from Ireland..Bought two sport coats from them.Have a great trip!