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    PSA - Bills Khakis 50% off sale now

    Discount taken at checkout. The don't say how long the sale will last.
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    Bills Khakis 50% off site wide.

    Today only. It's been interesting to see that Bills has been offering more significant sales recently.
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    Bills Khakis Boat Shoe Sale

    Rancourt boat shoes are a bit expensive at $250 but I just noticed that Bills boat shoes, made by Rancourt, are currently on sale for $149. Not bad. https://www.billskhakis.com/the-lewiston-boat-shoe?bk_color_product=1605
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    Interesting Article About Rancourt & Co.

    Crafted Magazine appears to be new online. https://craftedmagazine.com/rancourt-co-shoecrafters/?utm_source=hootsuite&utm_campaign=hootsuite
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    PSA: ElizaB/Leatherman Sale

    20% off through 12/12 with code "Holiday".
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    My Rancourt Ranger Mocs

    I've had my Rancourt Ranger mocs about two months now and I have worn them quite regularly. Since I'm retired and don't need to wear a dress shoe during the week, I find it hard to resist wearing these every day. They are some of the most comfortable walking shoes I have ever owned. Mine are...
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    LE additional 25% off and free shipping no minimum

    Through June 26th Lands End is offering an additional 25% off current sale prices and free shipping, no minimum purchase. If you didn't get the e-mail it's - Promotion Code CHEERS and PIN 3022.
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    Ranger Mocs - Lined or unlined?

    I'm about to order Rancourt Ranger Mocs in chromexcel with some custom options and I'm trying to decide whether to get them unlined like most blucher mocs or to get a full leather lining. I have read some previous posts that touch on this but I would appreciate more thoughts on the pros and...
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    PSA: Sale on Harley of Scotland Crewnecks

    Very nice Shetland crewnecks. Saddle shoulders. Made in Scotland. Most are $69.95 in limited sizes. Regularly $110. https://www.bahles.net/brand.php?brand_id=98
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    PSA: Additional 25% off Cladmen Sale prices

    Use the code "febfamily" for an additional 25% off sale prices at cladmen.com. Bills Cramerton khakis are now $45 with free shipping.
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    PSA: Orvis Signature Khakis on Sale

    Orvis has a deal on their Signature khakis - buy one pair at $89 and get a second pair for $30. The deal is good through December 31.
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    CPO Shirt?

    Back in the early 60's most young people I knew wore a wool CPO shirt on very casual fall occasions, typically with khakis, penny loafers and an OCBD. While it will never replace a Shetland sweater, I've recently grown nostalgic and thought I might like to wear one again. What are your...