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    Dress Shirt with 3” collar under $50

    Title says it all. The skinny trend is destroying the world. I cannot find basic cotton white & blue spread collar dress shirts with collars that measure at least 3” from tip to seam, and measure 5.25” from point to point, for under $50. Can anyone suggest retailers for me please? I don’t want...
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    Underwear Recommendation

    I have always been a Hanes boxer/brief man, but I need a change. They ride up daily, have caused pain, and have needed adjustment at inappropriate times. Many reviewers have said that longer boxer briefs or standard briefs should correct this. I am opting for the latter, as I don’t want to feel...
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    Restored Antique Briefcase

    Vintage briefcase (restoration shop in UK thinks Swaine Adeney Brigg). New sides and handle, refurbished lock, suede interior and, of course, restored leather! $450
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    sold Bridle Leather Briefcase

    Parting ways with this very gently used bridle leather briefcase (a beauty!). $310 shipped (was $499). THIS IS A STEAL! It was only lightly used for a few months. Thick English bridle leather, comes with key and tags. Leather still smells new!!
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    Top Frame/Gladstone/Lawyer's Briefcase Users...

    For those of you who use a top frame/gladstone/lawyer's briefcase, do you prefer belting or bridle leather? The Hartmann is belting; the Brooks Brothers style is bridle. The belting leather style seems to appear thinner at the sides since the leather tends to concave a bit, but I wonder if the...
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    Shoe Recommendation

    I posted a thread a while back about shoe quality and an impending purchase of black Oxford shoes. I have since been looking at Jos A. Bank’s offerings and would like to know how others would compare the quality of the following. People seemed to find the Melton acceptable quality; how do these...
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    Black shoes with Brown Suit

    I never liked black shoes with blue or brown slacks, but I saw Tom Ford’s (beautiful) film, A Single Man recently, which has me considering the latter option. See here: https://m.zimbio.com/pictures/Q-MxGOWLq7B/Colin+Firth+Set+Single+Man Does anybody wear brown suits with black shoes? If the...
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    Gold vs. Silver

    I was reading some old threads on mixing metal colors and saw a few posts where members stated that traditionally gold was considered appropriate for daytime and silver for evening. I tried to find more about this but neither google nor the forum search returned any results. Could anyone offer...
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    Shoe Quality

    Most of the shoes I see at Macys, Nordstrom, and similar stores--from Johnston Murphy to Bostonian, Florsheim, and Stacy Adams--all have the same type of label: "made in [foreign country]"; "leather upper"; "manmade balance". What then separates a $180 Johnston Murphy, a $110 Florsheim, and a...
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    Whole Cut shoe vs. Loafer

    I know the whole cut is considered the dressiest shoe because of its simple, uncluttered style, but I am curious why the loader, which is essentially identical to the whole cut shoe, but sans laces, is considered the least dressy shoe to wear with a suit. Why wouldn’t a plain loafer be...
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    manners Book Reccommendation

    I have never read any fashion books and would like to acquire some. Could you all recommend classic books on men’s fashion? I am particularly interested in books that would offer suggestions on the customs and traditions of menswear as well as social etiquette, related both to how one dresses...
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    Formality of Shoes

    I have been reading through some old threads on the gradation of formality of shoe styles, and have a question. I have quite a few pairs of shoes that (unfortunately) bend the “rules” and need some help assessing their relative formality. For example, in black, I have an Oxford, but a wingtip...
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    Briefcase Color

    I am about to order a new briefcase and am debating between chocolate, conker, and chestnut. I would like others' opinions on how these colors will look when aged over time, and generally which color people prefer. I like the contrast between the darker chocolate leather and brass accents but...
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    Top frame/Gladstone Briefcase

    I am hoping owners of top frame briefcases could help me navigate the purchase of one. I want not only the top to open in the traditional style (as a mouth) but also for the case to stand upright on its own and not need to lean against something or lie flat on its back. Can you all tell me if...
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    Side Vents Fit

    I just got a ton of sport coats and suit coats tailored, and on most of them the side vents do not flare, but they do separate slightly so the vent opens a bit. Is this okay, or does it mean they’re ill fitting? The coats were taken in a bit and look fine from the front, but I have noticed a...
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    Briefcase Purchase

    Hi Everyone, I searched for an earlier thread to answer my query but couldn't find one, so forgive me if this has been asked before, and point me in the right direction. Is there a *general* consensus on what type of briefcase is considered more formal/classy: (a)Top Frame Style...
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    Hi All, I'm trying to decide between two briefcases and would appreciate some members' feedback. They're both functionally comparable. I'm just looking for aesthetic reactions. I like that the chocolate one is from the 40's, and I feel like the darker color makes it more formal, but I also...
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    Panama Hats

    I'm not sure how many hat wearers there are around here, but I have a panama question. Is there a stylistic difference between white and natural panama hats? I read a brief blurb in Esquire that said panama hats should be natural not white. Is one color more authentic? Any more information of...
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    Money Clip Question

    HI all, I have a quick question about a money clip design. Can someone please tell me what this spring looking thing is on the back of this clip? https://i.ebayimg.com/20/!BcrE%29t!!2k~$%28KGrHqYOKjgEq5WLHhn5BK1g2nrStQ~~_1.JPG?set_id=8800005007 On either side of the metal there is a spring...
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    Sport Jacket Length

    I'm a 38 chest but in between a long and regular length. When putting on a sport coat, with my fingers at my side, where should the coat reach? the tip of my thumb, or the knuckle of my thumb? THANKS!!!!