1. J

    What is your Trad girlfriend wearing and listening to today?

    She was wearing blue and white check (tight!) flannel pants, a white shirt and a pink cardigan. Pretty trad, actually. She looked a bit like an extra on "Peggy Sue got Married". She was listening to NPR, followed by a regularly scheduled litany of random complaints and entreaties from our son.
  2. J

    Bad taste abounds...

    You went to a restaurant, in 2015, wearing a tuxedo and you *didn't* expect to be the best-dressed person there? These days, I'm pleasantly surprised when my co-diners aren't wearing pajamas.
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    The Buy-It-For-Life thread

    I recently received one of these after a nine-year wait: www.astro-physics.com/index.htm?products/telescopes/130-gt/130-gt Better believe it's a keeper! Now, I'll be the first to admit that astronomical telescopes are not exactly day-to-day items. But this one sure is beautiful, very well...
  4. J

    Seimi-Formal Daywear.

    Or one can "play through" from the Saturday night formal, and find oneself in white tie while eating scrambled eggs on a sunny London morning. I like to think the glances I got were admiring.
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    Do you "dress up" for work even though you don't have to?

    My office requires business attire, with some latitude on Fridays, so that is what I wear. But it's what I'd wear if it weren't required. Interestingly, the requirement extends to my female colleagues, but they seem able to flout it with impunity if they wish. Pointing that out wouldn't gain me...
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    I don't consider myself to be elitist in any way, but I'm not concerned if the hoi polloi ​disagree.