1. JakeGittes

    High Waist and Pleats.

    To compound the absurd, nowadays low rise trousers are combined with short skirted jackets. And with short waistcoats, too, even if the suit is made as a three-piece. All of this creates unsightly gaps.
  2. JakeGittes

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    SpitShine, great outfit. I second WWW thoughts on it re: trousers and shirt. What about a button-down collar next day?
  3. JakeGittes

    A Trad "What are you Wearing"

    PHudson, I like that sweater. It's kind of like a cardigan with a +! :) .
  4. JakeGittes

    Ask a Trad Question & Get Answer: Quick Q&A

    MZ Wilson: Nonsense. This combination is perfectly correct, and classic. You will find people who say you can not mix two patterns, even if they are the same (like here, two stripe patterns), but of course you can. And more than two, and even if they are different patterns (say, stripes and...
  5. JakeGittes

    A Trad "What are you Wearing"

    Great bow tie, Popinjay. I agree many modern bows are on the "gaudy" side; I do prefer more understated patterns and finishes too. In my case, it does not help that what has come to be regarded as the standard width, 2.5'', is too wide for my tastes, and you can not always have them custom made...
  6. JakeGittes

    The AAAC Octagon - What tie knot do you use?"

    I can't vote, but I use the FIH most often, or variations depending on tie lenght. Rarely, half Windsor.
  7. JakeGittes

    Obsessive Tie Purchasing Disorder

    Actual need has nothing to do with these things, most often :biggrin:. (BTW, I expect Carguy uses his ties for more tan just "occassions, weddings or parties", as you put it, I mean he probably uses them regularly. Some of us do :)).
  8. JakeGittes

    Is it possible to reverse the decline in men's dress especially young men ?

    Hello, mine is very much Travel57's case, both at work and out of it, hence I felt like I had to show support :), although at 46 I'm older (and over my co-workers average, it being about 30+). I wear bow ties most days, so I am pushing the envelope even more... Mostly, it is a matter of...
  9. JakeGittes

    Don't Fold Your Linen PS!

    I will drop my humble opinion. I am firmly for puff styles in silk PSs, and folded styles in linen, cotton, etc PSs. Also, I exclusively use the latter for professional endeavours, and reserve the former for other errands. Not that I do not use folded PSs for fun, I do, because on the whole, I...
  10. JakeGittes

    Against Tie Dimples

    Hello, I wear mostly vintage ties (60s or earlier) so a dimple will not occur naturally in many instances, because of tie dimensions, proportions or width peculiarities, as Jovan has already pointed out. If you "force" it, often it will not last or it will not look good. So, if they appear...
  11. JakeGittes

    Is the bow tie unappreciated?

    Hello, Unappreciated? Well, not by me :icon_smile_big: . I wear a bow tie the majority of days I wear any neckwear, which is most days at work (and often off work, too), so I rarely wear a bow tie less than four days a week. Dress standards (there is no code) at my workplace are very...