1. cmacey

    J Press Melton Overcoat Question

    I need a new overcoat and am ready to pull the trigger on the J Press full length melton overcoat (https://www.jpressonline.com/outerwear_coats_detail.php?id=MELTONR). Having combed the forum, I cannot find any information on the subject. Does anyone have any meaningful information on the...
  2. cmacey

    Quality of Lambswool Sweaters from The House of Bruar

    Sorry gentlmen, found what I was looking for. Serves me right, I should have searched first...I'm an idiot!
  3. cmacey

    BB Worsted Wool Trouser MTM Experience

    Went to the local BB today to talk with the Staff about having one or more MTM 12 oz worsted wool dress trousers made. The trousers discussed would have been plain front single colored 12 oz worsted wool. Nearly fell out of the chair when they quoted me a price of $700.00 per pair! :icon_pale...
  4. cmacey

    Rimowa Luggage - Quality and Durability?

    Any thoughts on the quality and durability of Rimowa luggage, especially the Rimowa Limbo Multiwheel Uprights? I'm in need of some new luggage and want to buy a set to last the next ten years, if I'm lucky...
  5. cmacey

    EG Boots

    Does EG make a RTW boot? If so, who carries it/them?
  6. cmacey

    Laced Boots and Suits

    Be gentle with me folks as I am new and am trying to build a sensible wardrobe. I recently had surgery on my ankle -- outside ankle extending approx. 5 inches above and below the "knucle" (for lack of the technical term); anyway, regular shoes bother this area enough for me to want to know if I...
  7. cmacey

    Oahu, HI tailor search

    Learned members of the fora, I am new, could not find the answer via search, and humbly seek your help in locating a good tailor on Oahu. I am new to all of this and want to get it right the first time. Thanks for whatever help you are willing to provide.