1. TheoProf

    Opinions/Insights on this vintage overcoat

    Hello all, I purchased the following vintage Magee Crombie overcoat off of eBay tonight. At worst, it's a stopgap until the budget allows me to get something new from O'Connell's. That said, I like what I see. It appears to be classically cut, but I know next to nothing about the brand...
  2. TheoProf

    For the love of loafers

    When I first found this site, I couldn't relate to Andy's affinity for loafers, and then a couple of years ago, I finally bought a pair of bitter chocolate suede AE Cavanaugh's on clearance. I must say, they are so comfortable I sometimes feel like I shouldn't be wearing them to the office (then...
  3. TheoProf

    Pairing trousers with a hopsack blazer

    A while back I found an interesting DB navy blazer on eBay. It was a Peter England with a hopsack weave. It was truly "like new" and a great fit. However, I'm unsure whether or not it would look odd to pair it with mid-gray worsted trousers. If this combo would be less than optimal, what type of...
  4. TheoProf

    eBay authenticity question

    I bought this last night. Does it look legit to you guys...
  5. TheoProf

    PSA: LE Moleskins on sale

    I have a pair of these and find them a great fall casual option (these are a very casual 5-pocket) for the price. Thought I'd share. https://www.landsend.com/products/mens-straight-fit-holiday-5-pocket-moleskin-pants/id_275270
  6. TheoProf

    Opinions needed

    To all: I posted this on the fashion forum but wanted to check the opinions of my trad brethren (and also show off my vintage, made in the USA, PRL seersucker jacket) on these prescription sunglasses from RayBan. I've never been a sunglasses guy, but my eyes have been sensitive to light...
  7. TheoProf

    New vintage AE boots arrived!

    A week or so ago I had posted a question concerning Allen Edmonds "Compton" boots. My query received no answer, so I emailed AE and discovered why. Here is their response: "Thank you for your email. The Compton shoes were discontinued in 1993. They are made on the 511 last. Thank you for your...
  8. TheoProf

    AE Compton

    I'd been looking for a versatile boot to wear for the fall/winter months. Something formal enough to get by at the office and yet able to be dressed down. I was also looking for something with a rubber sole. Anyway, I came across this pair of NOS AE Compton's...
  9. TheoProf

    Black grenadine ties

    Are they useful, useless, or a staple? How do you wear them? I was thinking about wearing one with a blue and white striped OCBD, donegal tweed trousers and a tan curdoroy sport coat.
  10. TheoProf

    Do these chinos work for fall/winter wear?

    https://www.landsend.com/products/mens-comer-628-straight-fit-chino-pants/id_247111 I have these straight for chinos in "auburn". This may be a dumb question but is this color suitable for the colder months?
  11. TheoProf

    At what weight/BMI do you find your sartorial idea?

    Obviously, this is a very subjective question, but I'm curious. On other weight-centered posts, ideas of what size constitutes a masculine ideal varied widely. For most men, I believe we have a sense that at a certain point we become too thin, but what is the ideal point/goal for you...
  12. TheoProf

    How do you feel about bird's eye odd trousers?

    Just curious. I like odd trousers that have some texture to them. Are these always orphaned suit pants? Does it matter with this particular pattern? I'd never wear pinstripes for this purpose, but somehow, I never considered bird's eye to be in the category. What's your view on this?
  13. TheoProf

    J&M Melton and Waverly full grain calf???

    I own 2 pairs of Melton's and 1 pair of Waverly's for use in inclement weather, and they used to have a product description that said they were both goodyear welted. Someone on the Trad forum had mentioned that J&M now uses more glued soles, so I decided to look to see if that had changed on...
  14. TheoProf

    In praise of frank discussion and a thank you

    When I first found the AAAC community, I was looking for advice on how to dress in a professional manner after receiving a big promotion. However, what I didn't expect to learn was the practical necessity of keeping one's body in decent shape if one is to present a professional and disciplined...
  15. TheoProf

    Pincord sport coats versus seersucker

    What are you thoughts on pincord sport coats versus seersucker? I've read various takes on this but wondered what the current thought was on the matter.
  16. TheoProf

    Differences in formality: Navy Blazer single vs. double breasted

    What do you guys think about this? What can you do with one that you cannot do with the other? Does a navy double breasted blazer make too much of a statement?
  17. TheoProf

    Is there a place for black casual shoes?

    I'm fond of my two pairs of black waxy leather finished AE shoes. I have the McTavish in black and the Black Hills in black. I typically wear them with olive or gray chinos. The thread today on whether or not black shoes could be worn with chinos has me wondering if there is, indeed, a place for...
  18. TheoProf

    The next Doctor's sartorial decision appears to have been made.

    Check out the link. https://www.bbcamerica.com/doctor-who/ Ironic that we've been discussing the color purple so recently. Personally, I like his choice of style.
  19. TheoProf

    Tailors in the Columbus, OH area

    Does anyone recommend a good place for alterations in the Columbus, OH area?
  20. TheoProf

    How many shoes in your rotation?

    I'm just idly curious as to the typical size of shoe rotation on the forum? Personally, I have two rotations as I teach 8 months out of the year and wear business casual (I know, I know) during the remaining months. My school year rotation (10 pairs): Black Alden 907s Black AE Fifth Ave...