1. ASH

    Tokyo visit - Any Recommendations in Japan

    I'm in Tokyo for the weekend and want to shop for Japanese specific brands - like Loopwheeler. Any shirts/shoes/jeans ....
  2. ASH

    Can an Oxxford 42 long be made a 42 slim?

    I found a couple of my Oxxford suits deep in my closet. They are 42L and since I have worn them a few times and love it, I was wondering if I can get them tailored to be 42 slim and regular length ? Should I get them extremely tailored? Will it work? Also who do you recommend in Seattle? Sent...
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    Alden shoe appreciation ...pictures, lots of them

    Here's a thread just to post pictures of your Alden shoes....'No Comment'. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Matching strips in suites ..... Nordstrom cannot do it on their Hickey Freeman or MHS MTO

    It's Nordstrom's Anniversary sale, so decided to get a MTO with Loro Piana material- a blue pin stripes. Unfortunately they refused to match the stripes on the lapels and the shoulder. This was very disappointing after years, they still cannot get the lines to match. The suit was priced around...
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    What PEN is in your pocket today?

    I think this the only other item that men carry consistently.....a fine pen to sign your 'John Hancock'......and what a fine instrument. As always the pen is mightier than the sword and can be passed down from one generation to another ( provided it's not a BiC) Also I always align my pens to...
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    Can anyone recommend a good tailor in Seattle?

    I have lost some weight and would like my Oxxford suits altered. Any recommendation for the waist line alternations are much appreciated. Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What is Chambray? How do you measure quality Chambray?

    I got two shirts made with Chambray....one from WH Ranch and the other from RPM West. They seem night and day. WH Ranch is thick well made and fits well, RPMWEST is thinner but feels good on a summer day. Was slightly disappointed they were made in India vs. America. Sent from my iPhone...
  8. ASH

    What's in your cigar humidor?

    I thought of starting this thread to see what other cigar aficionados have in their collections. Please post yours with pictures and make recommendations for great smokes. Here's my collection Humidor #1 ( aging cigars, I have some aged for 10 yrs) Humidor #2 (top & bottom) Humidor #3...
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    Is Ralph Lauren trying to fake a self edge (selvedge) jeans.....how lame!

    I found these at Macy's Trying to fake a selvedge jean..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What's in your John Lobb rotation?

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. ASH

    John Lobb on Sale starting Tuesday......upto 50% off

    John Lobb on Sale starting Tuesday......upto 50% off
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    Naked and Famous releases the worlds heaviest jeans - 32oz

    Guys: I just a pair of the worlds heaviest jeans (32oz) just released by Naked & Famous. Now on ebay. These are made in Japan from the finest selvedge denim available and this is going to be their very last batch!!!Only 100 made in Indigo and 50 in black Fabric was woven in Okayama on...
  13. ASH

    Naked and Famous jeans.....Made in Japan

    Have anyone bought a pair of Naked and Famous's Made in Japan jeans? I just got a pair and they a phenomenal fit and texture. However I do not know how they would fade after 4-6 months? I want a natural stress lines on this pair of selvedge jeans. Also does anyone recommend the latest...
  14. ASH

    BB if offering 40% off their EG's - with Coupon for any one item

    I got an coupon for 40% Brooks Brothers on any one item. I managed to talk to the excellent sales staff and get 2 pairs of EG's (Inverness Wingtips and Longmoor Pebble wingtips) for 40% off each. A great buy in todays' market. Came out to be $600/pair!
  15. ASH

    Double Breasted suit - are they in, if so what color of buttons?

    I have placed an order for a linen double breasted suit in light grey with while pin stripes. Now I am having second thoughts - should I change the order to a 3 button? Is it still fashionable to wear a double breasted suite ? Second, what color of buttons should I get? Brown or Black. In...
  16. ASH

    Shirt Tails that loop around to the front and button - What are these called?

    I was with my tailor yesterday to get a few suites made and also decided to get a few shirts. That said I wanted a shirt tail that comes under the croach and buttons in front. It was a cool feature that i liked on an "Avi Rossini" shirt my dad had gifted to me about 15 years ago...
  17. ASH

    New Era of Bespoke Suits - Excellent work by HERRENSTOLZ LTD for only CHF 399

    I was walking around in Basel, Switzerland when I came across a tailor that seemed to do Bespoke suits. Curious, I stepped in and the next thing I know I am getting measured for a bespoke suit on special for CHF 399 (approx. US$425). I was very curious how the fit and quality would be for that...
  18. ASH

    Any fixes for "moth" holes on a cashmere sweater

    Hi: I just pulled out a cashmere sweater from my winter stack (as its getting cold up here in WA) and noticed 3 small holes in front of the sweater. Does anyone know if these can be fixed and it would be great if I can get a recommendation for a tailor who can fix these in Seattle\Bellevue...
  19. ASH

    Recommendations for custom made shoemaker in Amsterdam

    I will be spending 3 weeks in Amsterdam and was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a shoemaker in the vicinity?
  20. ASH

    Who makes the BB Made in USA Shoes?

    I just got a pair of BB Linen Leather combo pair of wingtips. They are made in the USA. I was wondering who makes them as they were originally $598 and I got the 30% off Corp. deal- so turned out to be $418. Is the price worth it? Or if they are made by Alden or AE, should I just buy direct...