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    Estate Sale Find: Vintage Florsheims

    Check out these Florsheims I picked up at an Estate Sale! I have never seen any like them, they are green, woven, and made in Italy. I'm wondering how old they are and if they're worth anything. Do any of you have any insight into the history of these? I think they could be an uncommon find.
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    Mystery Wingtips...please help!

    I found a pair of wingtips today that I really like, but I cannot tell who made them. They appear to have leather insoles and outsoles with a cork filling. I believe the leather is full grain (please correct me if I'm wrong. The heel is marked either "jb" or maybe "ib", but I'm not convinced...
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    Pearl Snap Shirts

    I find that Western Cut pearl-snap shirts complement my frame better than almost anything thing else off-the-rack. However, I am not a Cowboy and don't want people to think (Oh, Cowboy) as a first impression. I usually wear them with dark-washed jeans or corduroys with either zip-down boots...
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    Who made these shoes???

    To preface my post, I am brand new to the forum and I supplement my income reselling quality men's clothes (mostly shoes). I recently bought a pair of shoes on the cheap because they look well-made, but I can't identify the manufacturer. The first two letters of the manufacturer are "Gh" and the...