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    Alden Indy boot Neocork sole versus Commando sole

    Do any of you here own/wear an Alden Indy boot with Neocork sole as well as a pair with the Commando sole ? I have the standard #405 boot w/Neocork sole and like it very much and am curious how the fit/comfort/durability etc... of the Commando sole compares.
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    Alden boot with crepe sole ?

    Has anybody here worn the Alden Weather Walker boot ? It's a plain toe with crepe sole, offered in either brown, black, or suede, model numbers 4511, 4513, or 4515. I am curious as to how this boot may fit compared to the low cut Weather Walker model #947. link to the boot with crepe sole...
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    Alden 403 boot question ?

    For those of you who wear the Alden 403 boot, please let me know if its fit has changed (due to stretching of the Chromexcel leather)? I've worn the 405 boot for several years and appreciate how that model's thick , relatively rigid leather retains the boot's shape and fit. My size is a B...
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    just tuck it ?

    I guess I am old fashioned (or maybe just old) but here in my home city of SF it seems as though I am the only male who tucks in his shirt. Is it just me or do others think this un tucked dress shirt trend looks ridiculous ?
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    AE Macneil 2.0 ?

    I have a few pair of Macneil's with the standard double leather sole and leather insole. If anybody here has tried a pair of the Macneil 2.0,, I am curious , compared to the previous Macneil as to how it fits. I am considering purchase of the 2.0 with brown grain upper and Dainite sole. Thanks.
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    Allen Edmonds Voyager walking shoe

    Anyone here looking to buy a solid walking shoe I recommend the AE Voyager. Not much is written about this shoe here, but I find it to be sensational for exercise walking. It has a heavy weight to it, very stable base, sensible arch support, and a practical rubber out sole. On the foot is has an...
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    fit of AE's Patriot model ?

    Anybody here wear the AE Patriot ? If so, I would like to read opinions of its fit characteristics (compared to other AE models) . Thanks in advance for any helpful replies.
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    long wing blucher options

    I have enjoyed wearing the AE Macneil and am looking to buy more long wing blucher shoes. I especially like the way that the LW pattern's over lays (toe box and sides) reduces the vamp wrinkling and creases I get from plain toe shoes. In the Macneil size 13B gives me an excellent fit. I do not...
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    is there such a thing as a basic, traditional vest, for dress casual wear ?

    I like to wear chinos with a button down dress shirt and a pair of AE Macneil's. If there is a vest which fits in well to this outfit , please advise what brand, manufacturer, model etc... Or, if being a "vest guy" is somehow a bad idea, let me know now. Thank you in advance for your helpful...
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    AE casual ribbed socks

    AE's Casual Ribbed Socks are a good product, sort of in between thin dress and thicker athletic style socks. Currently the AE web site has a two for one sale happening, $19.50 plus free shipping. Several colors and a full range of sizes. It's an all around good deal !
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    same shoe with different materials fit the same ?

    Please post here if you have the same shoe , but made with different materials, such as calf, pebble grain, shell , chromexcel oil infused etc.... Does the shoe fit you the exact same way or does the material influence the fit ? For example, will a pebble grain leather fit a bit looser than a...
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    did burnished replace pebble and grain ?

    AE's current dress shoe line seems to favor burnished rather than pebbled or grainy leathers. Am I correct that burnishing leather is relatively new, or as it been around for many years ?
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    AE Macneil and Wilbert wearers

    My Wilbert size 13B is a good fit. I am planning to order a pair of Macneil's and wondering if I should order the same size as my Wilbert's. Any helpful comments and, or opinions are appreciated. Thanks.
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    Alden Weather Walker 947 vs 965

    I've owned a pair of the Weather Walker 947 for a few years now, all along enjoying the stability and crepe sole comfort this shoe offers me. Now I am considering to buy the Norwegian front split toe version of the Weather Walker, model 965. Any AWW out there care to comment on the differences...
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    please talk me out of making this purchase

    I really like the fit, comfort, and stability of my Alden 405 boots. Now I am considering a purchase of the the black version, model number 401.
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    your favorite Alden Indy Boot ?

    I have the 405 , standard waxed work boot leather. It is my favorite pair of footwear and I am considering buying a second color. My choices are the #403 brown chromexcel or the #401 black color version. Please offer here your opinion of which Alden Endy boot colors you like.
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    summer sandal recommendation

    I bought a pair of Frye brand fisherman sandals in cognac and like it so much I bought a second pair (in the black color) . All leather upper, insole, outsole, Made in Mexico. www.zappos.com has them here: https://www.zappos.com/frye-lawson-fisherman-tan In recent years I have tried some of...
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    shine holder

    This product is very helpful for cleaning and polishing shoes or boots.
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    is there any justification for black casual shoes?

    Legitimate question here. Serious replies only, please.
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    Rios of Mercedes boots

    Here is a casual boot I enjoy wearing. Rios of Mercedes brand , 11" tall shaft, walking heel. Made in Mercedes , Texas.