1. Bermuda

    Chappaquiddick Movie

    just saw the trailer for this. 1969 Ted Kennedy car crash movie. Everyone is quite trad. I wasn't sure how to post the trailer if maybe someone else could
  2. Bermuda

    Brooks Brothers 200 year anniversary items?

    Anyone know of any Brooks Brothers 200th anniversary items for purchase over this holiday season? Thanks
  3. Bermuda

    Las Vegas trad?

    Hi I'll be going to Las Vegas for the first time in a couple months. Any trad stores out there? There must be a Brooks Brothers but....anything else? Thanks
  4. Bermuda

    Eastland shoes from Maine

    Great made in Maine shoes. Anyone have experience with Eastland? They are available at JC Penney and I'll probably be getting the Seville with the lug sole in a bit. Very trad design and made in Maine is very nice
  5. Bermuda

    US Polo Association Trad jackets

    https://www.jcpenney.com/s/us-polo-assn-sport-coat?Ntt=us+polo+assn.+sport+coat Purchased a green stripe seersucker blazer and burgundy penny loafers at JCPenney online for 45$ each (25% off coupon). came across these amazingly trad jackets by US Polo Association. I have my eye on the brown Donegal
  6. Bermuda

    The Emperor's Club (movie)

    I teach in a high school with 3,000 students and also at the local community college. Very inspirational teaching movie here....The Emperors Club with professor Kevin Kline. And very trad attire on display in full force for the entire movie! Everyone is wearing button downs and tweed jackets...
  7. Bermuda

    Murray's Toggery Nantucket Red button down shirt Test Drive

    I holy grail ebayed an authentic Nantucket red button down long sleeve twill shirt from Murray's Toggery Shop on Nantucket. Outstanding amazing "bulletproof" construction and durability. Perfect XL fit for me. This small shop has a quality with their Nantucket Red collection that is very rare...
  8. Bermuda

    John Bolton top trad position

    Just saw John Bolton with a charcoal grey pinstripe suit, blue ocbd button down collar, and possible BB #1 repp stripe tie. He was interviewing on Fox and is up for a top position in the Trump cabinet. He could be the top trad official in the land. Walrus moustache
  9. Bermuda

    Experiences with Hickey Freeman

    My brother lives in the Rochester area a few hours away from me. I had to buy a Hickey Freeman wool blue/pink striped club tie. Freeman is a Rochester, NY company and I need to get more of their stuff. They have a factory there and so it is Made in the USA. Making America Great for years...
  10. Bermuda

    Horrible J Press quality

    I recently ebayed a pink j press university stripe oxford xl. It was so small and the material was very flimsy. PM if you want to buy it. More like a size large. the tag says Trunk Club. I was very disappointed. Anyone else experience this?
  11. Bermuda

    Charles Tyrwhitt Sale (catalog received)

    Received a Charles Tyrwhitt catalog in the mail today. Shirts for only 40$. Three for 100$. Normal price for one shirt is 110$. Lots of trad ties as well. Just wanted everyone to know
  12. Bermuda

    I need help with J Press York street

    I was wondering some things about this J Press York street business....Is the fit a slim fit for pants and shirts? If so I'm not interested....also is the quality of the items not as good as the regular J Press items? I'm sure the slim fit nonsense and lower quality is true for their Urban...
  13. Bermuda

    Best Trad store in Orlando?

    I'll be in Orlando and came across a couple names of Men's shops. John Craig and Siegel's seem nice. Does anyone have any experience with these places? Any good trad items? Any Florida trads here that can point me in the right place? Thanks
  14. Bermuda

    Found a brand called The New Ivy on Ebay

    I'm a big Ebay guy and I stumbled upon some patchwork madras shorts for only 15$ by a brand called The New Ivy. Apparently they also make long sleeve linen shirts with button down collars, as well as "Indian Madras" shirts. Has anyone else ever come across these items? I will most likely be...
  15. Bermuda

    Thoughts on Carhartt and Dickies

    Hi just wondering everyone's opinions on the Carhartt and Dickies brands. They are traditional American companies. Carhartt is still family owned since 1889 and Dickies from 1918. I have an amazing Dickies quilted duck vest, and Carhartt makes great items too. Thoughts? Opinions? Anyone else a...
  16. Bermuda

    LL Bean 100th Anniversary Book

    Anyone get the new LL Bean 100th Anniversary Book, which details the history and various tales about the business? My wife ordered it for me for Valentine's Day and I'm quite excited to read it, as I've been to the Freeport flagship, order from the website often, and there is even an LL Bean...
  17. Bermuda

    Button Down Collar in England?

    I know that originally the button down collar came from Polo collars in England, however now I only see British wearing Spread collars. Does anyone wear button down collars over there or is that just an American thing? Help please
  18. Bermuda

    Chuck Schumer for Hickey Freeman

    Great trad ad that ran during NY Senator Chuck Schumer's re election campaign this past fall...... I know there are some Hickey Freeman fans out there and apparently Chuck is usually turned out in their suits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiP9yX0TVmE
  19. Bermuda

    Preppy videos

    https://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=6839048n topsiders, Take Ivy, etc. Bringing Preppy Back https://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=6842639n hilarious Letterman skit.....great outfit on Alden and friends...
  20. Bermuda

    Corduroy Appreciation Club Video

    this appeared on one of my favorite trad shows CBS Sunday Morning.....its the Corduroy Appreciation Club in NYC https://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7053836n :icon_cheers: