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    Dog beds

    A dog bed that can be washed - the whole megilla. The no-chew covers are great, too. One of my dogs comforts himself by sucking on the edge of his bed and it's completely repulsive. :D
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    grooming Sonicare vs. oral B Toothbrush

    I prefer the Sonicare. I'm not sure why I bothered buying a Waterpik; I don't bother using it at all. Too much hassle!
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    Black Watch, Tartan for the Masses?

    That's one of my favorite patterns and sounds great! My husband has Black Watch wool trousers which are pretty much in the "Christmas pants" category. I have a silk taffeta skirt in that pattern that I can't wear on the same night. :D
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    Where to buy Women's PJs?

    I like the ones from Wintersilks.
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    Switching Banks -any thoughts?

    Thirding USAA. I've been very happy to deal with them for my 401k and mortgage, also.
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    A political question, but really Image and Grooming!

    It's possible to straighten curly hair to get a newsanchor helmet, but it takes a LOT of time every day. Her hair is pulled back from her face tidily, so I think she looks fine.
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    manners Having to take off your shoes when you enter someone's home

    I thought Canadians did it because of the snow and/or wet weather? I wouldn't mind taking off my shoes if I'm warned in advance, but if I show up at your door expecting to stay shod, it does bother to be asked to remove my shoes (if I'm not dripping with rain, mud or covered in ice). They're...
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    Ralph Lauren: A National Treasure

    Yeah but... "fashion forward" isn't really what the trad customers want. Ralph has to make money, and he does because he gives people what they want, but he also makes money catering to people who don't want big ponies or clothes that are either fashionably snug or very baggy. Baggy is what...
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    womens-fashion what shoe brands would you recommend?

    Maglis are great! For pure comfort, Sofft. I bought one pair of these to go with a dress for a school reunion and MY GOD, they are the most comfortable "fashion shoe" I have ever worn. Sold. They do have some rather hideous platforms, but looking past that for sandals and heels worn for...
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    Ralph Lauren: A National Treasure

    I really dislike the "custom fit" shirts, too. My husband wanted rugby shirts for kicking around and I bought him two of them because they didn't have any classic fit styles on the website (they just arrived) and they're just...cut too slim. That custom fit cut just doesn't look right to me...
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    How to pronounce the names of the US states

    I've heard people in the UK say "Mary Land" rather than the "marilyn"-like sound of Maryland as Americans say it. They are not allowed to pick on us as long as Cholmondeley and Worcestershire are pronounced the way they are. :)
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    Redefining rape

    That strikes me as a very petty and mean-spirited way to strike out at the idea of abortion. The argument that crime victims' medical expenses are not usually covered by the government is an interesting one, though -- if I'm mugged and injured, my insurance pays for my medical treatment, not...
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    Preppy bracelets

    I'd wear it, but I am a woman. :) I do think the colors are very good. I prefer the plain rope bracelets with casual clothes, but I see the appeal here -- the color/fun of a tie when you can't wear a tie (at the beach).
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    Tempur Pedic Comfort Pillow

    These are what we have, though not the newest one (these came with the mattress we bought three years ago). It's my primary pillow and it hasn't lumped up yet. I'm pretty certain I sleep in all configurations but only the hidden time lapse camera knows for sure.
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    Brooks Penny Loafers

    Do these run large? Do the other shoes have a similar fit? My husband just bought the classic penny loafers and they're LONG -- his heel is slipping out. He's getting a smaller size, but he might order more shoes (and we don't live near a shop so mail order is necessary).
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    What makes someone successful?

    I agree with you, but I'd add a factor and subtract a factor. I'd add connections, which is sort of tied to the social skills item you mention. You can make connections, but you might be privileged enough to have some built in. When I say "subtract a factor", I mean that I know highly...
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    The best-looking credit card...

    Probably. With you on the Amex Plat. I have that too, but it's no longer sparkly. Only the vampires in Twilight are sparkly. :(
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    Tell me a joke. Jokes are good.

    They were brilliant. Also, I used to buy National Lampoon from the time I was 10. My mom never paid attention to my reading material. So I'm completely twisted now.
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    Tell me a joke. Jokes are good.

    All of my jokes are WAY too sick to share here When I was a wee girl, I discovered the Totally Tasteless joke books and memorized them
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    When I was in the Air Force, we were required to wear our service dress uniforms when en route on commercial flights, and I was asked more than once in airports where someone's gate was. If I knew I just told them. :) I guess I probably did look like a flight attendant. I probably could have...