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    Benson & Clegg in Washington

    A political friend of mine sent me an invitation for a reception he's part of next week, the 14th, in Washington. Apparently, it's raising money for a scholarship fund. Benson & Clegg is participating with a trunk show. It looks like it's a Republican audience. I won't be going because it'd...
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    Jaeger clothes

    What's the consensus on Jaeger?
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    I need a dinner jacket ensemble

    I need to get something for mid-March. I was thinking Black Watch tartan pants with a shawl or peak lapel dinner jacket. Can anyone recommend an affordable pique waistcoat? I was also thinking velvet loafers/slippers instead of the ubiquitous plastic-looking patent leather shoes. I was also...
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    PSA: new Harris Tweed sport jackets 20% off

    A colleague of mine sent me this...20% off Harris Tweed sport jackets:
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    L.L. Bean classic penny loafers

    I bought a pair -- $99 is super cheap -- and was surprised at how shiny and almost plastic-like they are in appearance. My friend says it isn't genuine leather, which I can't believe. What's the truth? Anyone know?
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    UK in December

    I have a couple days early December where I will be in the U.K. for a few days. I want to either go to England or Scotland and see the countryside. Perhaps a couple of small villages with a nice pub or B&B. I thought about flying into Edinburgh and spending two days there and then taking the...
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    New York

    I've never been to New York before, except to pass in and out of the airport on my way elsewhere. I'll be staying downtown at the W in Manhatten. I won't have a lot of time because of business meetings to go sightseeing or shop, but I need some recommendations.
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    Bookster - fire?

    I heard a rumor that a fire has burned down Bookster's operations. Does anyone know for certain?
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    A friend is visiting London for the Olympics. I haven't been there for a while and this is his first visit. I reckon all the usual stores are there along Regent and Jermyn streets and Savile Row. Has anything new come about in the last year or two? He isn't necessarily buying, as he only has 5...
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    BBC story on Edgar Pomeroy

    I have never heard of Edgar Pomeroy, but here's an interesting BBC story on his bespoke shop:
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    I'll be ordering a suit soon from when they come through Michigan. It's my first experience with them. Does anyone have recommendations? The biggest complaint I have ever heard is there are too many cloths to sort through as a rookie customer. I was thinking about getting...
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    Tom James

    What is the consensus on Tom James? They seem to offer a fair bit, but the brand never receives much attention on here. Are they similar to Astor & Black in that they have a local salesman who takes your measurements and sends them off to a factory?
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    Iconic men's shops?

    We all know about O'Connell's, J. Press, and the Andover Shop. Are there any other iconic shops? I've read passing mentions to some shop in Baltimore, whose proprietor is a bit eccentric and doesn't use the internet. One would think just about every shop has an internet presence or at least has...
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    I need a pair of chinos -- tapered with extended tab waistband or side adjusters?

    I want a nice pair of chino pants; preferably tapered with an extended tab waistband or side adjusters. Does anyone have a recommendation?
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    Washington, D.C.

    I'm going to Washington in three weeks for a few days. Does anyone know if there have been any changes to the menswear scene other than the closure of Filene's Basement? Are there any new shops or must-visits?
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    REDUX: W.S.J.: J.C. Penney Chief Thinks Different [interesting read]

    Here is an article from page B1 of today's edition of The Wall Street Journal newspaper: J.C. Penney Chief Thinks Different With Apple in His Hand, New CEO Swears Off Constant Markdowns and Jumble of Private Labels By Dana Mattioli...
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    29-inch inseam slim/trim fitting jeans?

    I've lost a massive amount of weight (close to 30 lbs. now) and have dropped five inches from my waist. My biggest problem is I keep losing weight and pants and jeans that I bought in early December are now too big. I don't have a good pair of jeans. I need something with a 29-inch inseam and...
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    Interesting article on shirtmakers from today's The Times

    I don't know how to copy-and-paste from The Times iPad application, but the British newspaper has an interesting article on shirtmakers in today's edition. Summarizing the article, writer Ed Smith largely complains that shirts are too big these days and often require extensive alterations...
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    $198 Chesterfield

    I can't help but recommend the Chesterfield coat from Lord & Taylor's in-house Black & Brown line. It's marked down to $198: I bought it in 2010 and have loved it.
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    How do I wash my L.L. Bean shetland sweater?

    I have a Shetland sweater from L.L. Bean that is a bit stretched out. I reckon a washing will restore its shape. What's the best way to wash it?