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    Brooks Brothers Masks & Gowns

    I would pay good money to have a Brooks Brothers "fun" mask, like their famous multi-striped oxford fun shirts. That would be awesome.
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    OCBDs with the third (back) button

    My very first OCBD as a youth in the 1980s was a University stripe Gant oxford. It had the third collar button. Gants had the locker loop also. I thought both details were cool. Over time, I found the third button a bit unnecessary. On the infrequent occasion I wore a tie, it was in the...
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    American Trad men (photos)...

    That picture was from an edition of Rolling Stone in which they sent Hunter S. Thompson and P.J. O'Rourke to interview Clinton when Clinton was a candidate (1992?). I remember the Thompson piece being hilarious.
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    What does a trad girlfriend look like?

    Eagle - You are a very lucky man.
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    Had enough of Pop-Ups

    Just noticed that perhaps they do not pop up when you are logged in. Is that the secret?
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    Had enough of Pop-Ups

    I find myself coming to this site less and less. Anyone else thrown off by the pop-ups that take most of the screen, play video, and cannot be deleted or minimized? I hope Andy is making a lot from the videos because it is has kind of spoiled the experience of coming and checking out the...
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    Manton Goes Trad?

    Don't be silly. After 6 PM you just wear your Dean Martin button-down tux shirt. :)
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    Manton Goes Trad?

    For those that remember the earlier days of Ask Andy, one of the resident experts on mens clothing was Manton, aka Michael Anton. As I recall, he definitely favored a more dandy-ish (less Trad) style with double breasted suits, peak lapels, etc. He even wrote a book called The Suit based upon...
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    McGregor Ads, Anyone?

    MacGregor at some point became a sporting goods company as well. They sponsored Jack Nicklaus through his glory years, in which he won more major championships than anyone. For golfers in the community, this was back when players typically had only one equipment sponsor, so MacGregor even...
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    Chappaquiddick Movie

    No apologies needed nor any offense taken/intended. As stated above, I just find it strangely ironic that for all the documented questionable behavior of Joe Kennedy, the common critique is that he was a bootlegger - which even if true, doesn’t seem like much of a character flaw/sin.
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    Chappaquiddick Movie

    As a fan of mid-century history (as I am guessing many Trad forum members are), I have read extensively on the Kennedys. If anyone wants a good book on the foibles of JFK, you might pick up "Reckless Youth" by Nigel Hawthorne. What I find funny or ironic is that, of the Kennedy's many sins...
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    Where can I get a Navy Double Breasted Blazer?

    I would suggest you be very patient and try lots of models on, and wait for a good sale. As the Doctor noted above, a double breasted can be very difficult to get the right fit. There is not just the overall fit, but the button placement to worry about. You might look for Ralph Lauren's...
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    Quoddy mocs

    I cannot argue with the forces of supply and demand, but for me, Quoddy has reached gouging territory. I noticed that their resoling (I wont call it refurbishing since they are not goodyear welted or anything), is now up to $129. One of the reasons I bought by Quoddy boat shoes years ago was...
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    6oz (heavy) mass produced OCBD - $25

    I was hoping to like the Kirkland shirts, but they are (1) rather thin pinpoint, and (2) non-iron. What I dislike most is that their collars have no space in between the base at the collar button. When wearing a tie, the collar base wants to ride over the tie knot. Back in the old days...
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    Club Collars?

    Sorry for the late response. Yes, I had a good experience ordering a button down shirt. I have been tempted to try out their popover placket as well. .
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    Club Collars?

    Club collars need to be in the right proportion. Just like the tiny button down collars offered these days look off, a low stance club collar can look like a ladies' blouse. I think the proportions of this custom maker look good. I have ordered their Ivy style button down, but not the club...
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    White bucks...

    Why not go with the good old Bass white bucks. $60 on sale, so you wont be too sad when you spill your mint julep on them. p.s., I have a pair of Neil M bucks referenced above, and they fit very wide in the mid-foot. About the same quality as Bass though, so probably not worth the extra money.
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    Debate: did I just find a $20 mass-produced trad OCBD? (1/2)

    Eagle - those shirts are only sold through Walmart's shipping business. They are trying to be like Amazon offering other vendors. Just wanted to try to save you a trip. As to the shirts, polyester blend is a non-starter for me. I had some blended shirts long ago, and they are not really a...
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    Why BB shirt yokes are so narrow?

    The very narrow yokes are one of the reasons that I have never been completely happy with BB's oxfords. Particularly for us tall guys - the yoke is only about an inch at the shoulder. It can cause the shirt to wear forward as the yoke rides up the shouldler. My guess is that when BB...
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    Quoddy resole up to $130

    When I bought my Quoddy boat shoes 10 years ago, I rationalized paying the princely sum of $110 based upon the fact that Quoddy would resole them for $15 plus shipping. Times have changed.